Viz Hates Me

I have no doubt about that now, after going through the Previews for July.  I’ve been able to keep my ordering down, and mostly reasonable by counting on my “must have” series’ not coming up in the same month.  Until this month.  And it’s all Viz’s fault.

I make no bones about it.  Viz is the company I get the most manga from.  I subscribe to both their manga magazines, and buy titles from practically all of their lines.  Accordingly, a lot of my favorite titles are from them.  So, when I got the August Previews and started going through it, I started counting up the volumes.  A new series, Ghost Slayers: Ayakashi from Bandai, Gon from CMX (for the kids), Fairy Tail from Del Rey, New Pet Shop of Horrors from Tokyopop, and then I got to Viz.  I started counting, 5…6….7….12!  Then a turn of the page, and one more from Yen Press, Spiral.  Thirteen titles in all, eight from Viz alone!  I usually only order eight in a month!

And so the culling began.  Gon and one Viz title, Gimmick had to stay.  They were for the kids and my husband.  That left 11 I had to get down to about 6.  New Pet Shop of Horrors had to stay, as did Spiral.  I need to keep at least one boy detective series.  (Ah, Kidaichi, we hardly knew ye)  So that’s two down.  Fairy Tail I’m still behind on, and it’s more expensive, so it got a line through.  I picked all my inexpensive Viz manga, which are all the Shonen Jump titles; Dragon Drive, Hikaru no Go, Saint Seiya and Muyho & Roshi’s BSI, and Full Metal Alchemist.  They also rate high on my must have list.  So, I have to cross out O-Parts Hunter and La Corda d’Oro.  So, I’m 1 over on number of volumes, but I stay within my $50-60.

It was angonizing, trying to choose which ones to keep and which ones to cut.  In the end, it came down to economics.  What was the maximum number of titles I could get and stay within my set range?  Where and how I could get the volume I’m not ordering but with still maximize retailer discounts also worked into my decision?

Turns out, our order only needed, like, $8 retail dollars to push us to the next discount level, so I could order one more manga to get us to that level.  Looking over the titles I had left, O-Parts Hunter and La Corda I could order from Amazon with their 4-for-3 deal.  (I’ve got lots of other backtitles from Viz that I could order to with them).  Or I can wait for the next Deep Discount Mega Sale (which they do concurrent with their semi annual 20% off everything sale) and get those as well as Fairy Tail later for the same price I if I ordered now.  And actually, I can get the Del Rey titles cheaper!  So, the title I chose to order was Bandai’s Ghost Slayers: Ayakashi.  I really liked the anime, so I hope the manga will be worth the sacrifice.

If Viz had just chosen NOT to bring all these good titles at once, I wouldn’t have had to suffer.

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