Has It Really Been Three Years?

Sometimes it feelings like time has just flown by, and sometimes it feels like I’ve been doing this forever, but today marks the 3rd anniversary for Manga Xanadu. Yeah, three years of reviews, ranting and maybe just a little real information imparted. I started this blog to share my love of manga and technology and point out the places where they can/should intersect, and it’s been a lot of fun. There have been some bunpy spots along the way, but I’m happy to say I’ve weathered them, blog and me intact.

As Manga Xanadu goes into its fourth year, I’ll be keeping to the routine I’ve been going with, as it’s comfortable and works well for me. I’ll try to keep the mix of reviews and articles up, as inspiration hits. I’ve also discontinued posting about other fandom on this blog. Manga Xanadu will remain for manga and e-reading technology only. I’ve created a new blog, Fangirl Xanadu, where I will occasionally post my thoughts and reviews of books, movies, TV and comics. It won’t be updated as regularly as here, as this is my main blog. But I wanted someplace to post my other fandom musing without alienating the readers here. It’s a work in progress, but does have thoughts on Doctor Who, movies, toy collecting, and general life in my corner of So Cal.

I hope you’ll stick with me as I move into this next year. I’m really gonna try and start writing shorter reviews and revive the Mini-Musings  reviews I used to do. I have a large pile of to be reviewed, almost as big as my to be read pile, and I do want to move these faster. I may also revive Confessions of a Mangaholic as I work through the process of letting go of titles I probably won’t read again. As much as I would love to have a giant library of nothing but manga, that’s just not feasible. And as much as I talk about it, I really need to change the talk into action. What really makes me sad to think about, is that there are titles that I thought I would never want to let go of, but as I look at my severely dwindling shelf space, I realize how quickly they can be replaced by newer titles that excite me now. And how these newer titles will probably be replaced as well. What strategies do you use to reduce your manga collection? I don’t mean what to do with them, but how do you convince yourself to let them go? How to you tell yourself it’s okay to say goodbye to a series that had once brought you lots of joy? Or is it a problem for you? I’d really love to hear what you think.

3 thoughts on “Has It Really Been Three Years?”

  1. Congrats on reaching your third year!

    I tend to clear out books to make room for manga, as there are quite a few books I don’t think I’m going to read again. Also, I donate manga I don’t like very much to my local library – I know the librarian who does the graphic novel selection so I’m able to get the manga into the circulating collection of the library. I currently have a giant bag of manga set aside for donating to a library’s anime/manga club, so a librarian can use them as giveaways. Also, I sometimes put manga up on paperbackswap.com, where I swap it for more manga. I tend to hold on to series I mildly like for far too long though.

    1. Thanks Anna!

      I’ve been clearing books and putting them on Paperbackswap, but that’s usually to make room for more books. I have two custom shelves that my husband made for me that are now full as well as taking up space on some of our temp book shelves.

      I really want to donate some of my complete series’ to my local library, and have the name of the librarian in charge, but I haven’t spoken to her about it yet. I’d really like for them to go into circulation. I know our library has been hit with budget cuts, and I’m sure manga is at the bottom of the list. But I just have such a hard time giving them up. I was holding on to a lot of them thinking I would review them, but I’ve now come to the conclusion that it will be impossible. So that’s helped a little with letting go.

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