The Dark Hunters Volume 2

Kyrian is an immortal Dark-Hunter who just lost his Dark-Hunter powers and along with it, his immortality. Now he is faced with the chance to regain not only his humanity, but his very soul. The problem is that it couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Desiderius is closing in, and if Kyrian and Amanda are going to save humanity, Kyrian must take the war to his enemy–or it may be too late.

Story by Sherrilyn Kenyon; Art by Claudia Campos
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Age Rating: Teen
Genre: Supernatural Romance
Price: $9.99
Rating: ★★★★½

While the first volume of Dark Hunters was mostly action, this second part has all the drama. Kyrian’s and Amanda’s relationship, Kyrian’s weakness, and the only way to defeat Desiderius all have heavy dramatic elements that definitely put this story more strongly in the romance than supernatural category. Fortunately, it doesn’t work against the story as a whole.

The reason I don’t generally enjoy supernatural romances, or most romances in general, is all the drama. They tend to border on the type of melodrama that makes me roll my eyes rather than feel for the characters. Fortunately, the first volume developed the characters well enough that when the drama did come, I wasn’t bothered by it as much. It starts with the reason Kyrian loses his powers. Whenever he and Amanda get intimate, his powers are drained. Then, it’s revealed that Kyrian’s weakness are his memories of being tortured when he was human. It’s left up to Amanda to help Kyrian overcome his weakness, and help him defeat Desiderius, who is much more than the average Daimon, whether he wants the help or not.

Luckily, Amanda is up for the job. The stubbornness and determination that got her involved with Kyrian works to her advantage in this second half. Even though she is conflicted by Kyrian’s darker side, she stays by him, helping him when he is captured by Desiderius, and shielding him from her sisters as they keep trying to kill him. She even takes on the most difficult job of making Kyrian into a Dark Hunter with a soul. It’s her strength, and resistance to become angsty in the face of adversity that makes her a great lead. Kyrian, on the other hand, does dip slightly into angst-ville, with his determination to never be “weak” again, as he tries to walk away from Amanda, for her own good.

A lot of the humor from the first volume continues here, from Amanda getting an eyeful of Talon during a daytime visit, to the constant berating Kyrian must endure from Nick and Amanda every time he goes off without letting them know first. The romance part of the story weaves in and out, showing it’s colors most with Amanda’s “cure” for Kyrian’s troubled past, which involves something that looks very much like bondage.

Overall, I really enjoyed this second volume of Dark Hunters, and the story as a whole. Everything was tied up fairly neatly, leaving our protagonists with a happy ending, and just enough of a teaser to look forward to the next volume. I was a little surprised when Kyrian’s and Amanda’s story ended with this volume, but a little investigation taught me that the story often changes leads. The rotating of characters and hopefully return of older ones will keep this series from getting old.

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