I have some piles of manga that needs to go. All of the books are used, most are in like new condition, but there are a few former library books, and some books have some yellowing from age. All are readable. All volumes are $5 + shipping. Hardbacks and omnibuses are $10. These also count for 2 volumes for shipping/trading purposes. If you buy 4 of more, shipping is free. I will entertain trades but only for titles I need. See my trades page for a listing. I prefer payment by paypal. I will take a personal check, but will send only after check has cleared. Contact me at Xanadu @ jadedragononline.com if you are interested.

20th Century Boys v1
After School Nightmare v5
Ai Ore v5
Alice in the Country of Heart Omnibus v1
Antique Gift Shop v1-10
Bakuman v10
Bakurano Ours v1
Bamboo Blade v10-11, 14
Biomega v5
Bizenghast v1-7
Black Bird v13
Black Cat v1-20 (Complete)
Black Gate Omnibus
Bleach v33-34
Broken Blade v1
Cat Paradise v1
Children of the Sea v3
Dark Hunters v1-2
Dazzle V1-10
Enchanter v1
Fairy Navigator Runa v1
Free Collars Kingdom v1-2
Gate 7 v1
Heaven’s Will
Hero Tales v3-5
Honey Honey Clover v1
Inuyasha v56
Kaori Mori: Say Anything and Something Hardback
Mamoru: The Shadow Protector v2
Maoh: Juvenile Remix v2
Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole du Ciel v6
Moon and Blood v1-2
Naruto v50
Pixie v1
Quest For the Missing Girl
Raiders v1, 3, 9
Ruroni Kenshin v1-28 (complete)
Sasameke v2
Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning v1-15 (complete)
Tena on S-String v4-5
Wallflower v1-15
World I Create v1
Until Death Do Us Part v1
Versus v1
With the Light v7
xxxHolic v1
Yokai Doctor v1
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist v3
Zombie Loan v1, 9