A Little Payback Revised

I got some feedback on this story as well, and have also acted on it. I want to do a series with Danni and Drew, but this is the first story with them I’ve written that’s done enough for public consumption.

“Hey Danni, what’cha drawing?” Drew asked as he sat down on the bench next to her.

“Nothing!” Danni said, startled by his sudden appearance. She tried to cover the picture, but her arms weren’t long enough, so she leaned over as well to make sure he couldn’t see it.

“It doesn’t look like nothing.”

“Nothing special,” she reiterated. “It’s for English.”

Drew just shrugged “What’cha got for lunch?” As he took out his own lunch, Danni quickly closed her sketch book.

“The usual.” She nodded to the peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a bite taken out of it, some fruit snacks,  and Twinkie sitting next to her.

“We had pizza last night. I snagged some for lunch. Mrs. R let me warm it up in the teacher’s lounge right before lunch.”

“You’re such an ass-kisser,” Danni teased.

“Whatever. It got me hot pizza for lunch. That’s all that matters.” He took a big bite out of a slice, cheese stretching from the slice to his mouth.

“We haven’t had real pizza in so long,” Danni said, staring at the other slices also dripping with cheese and piled with toppings. “All we get are these frozen french bread things. Not as good as the real thing.”

“Want one of mine?” Drew held out a piece.

“No thanks. My hands will get all greasy, then I won’t be able to draw.” Drew shrugged and returned to his lunch.

“Take a break then. You can stop for like 5 minutes you know.”

“I gotta get it done. It’s due tomorrow.”

“So? Your so-so pieces are better than most others’ best. You gonna put anything in this year’s art show?”

“I’m not in any art classes this year.”

“So? Last year there was this one girl who–” Drew’s pocket started vibrating. He wiped his hands on his pants before taking it out. “Oh shit! I forgot! There’s a drama club meeting today!” He tapped out a response on the phone’s screen quickly before shoving it back into his pocket and piling his lunch on the pizza slices. “I’ll catch ya after school!” He waved as he bounded off.

Danni watched him go, trying not to laugh, but failing. She looked back her plain sandwich before pulling out her sketch book again. As she opened it, she noticed something on the bench next to her. On a grease-soaked paper plate was a slice of pizza. Her shoulders sank as she realized Drew had left it. She told him no. But he rarely listened. Thank god.

“Well, can’t let it go to waste,” she said, picking the pizza slice up and taking a big, appreciative bite. She looked at her drawing. It was of her on a throne made of branches, with those two stupid boys from the bus fanning her with palm leaves, while several others grovelled on their knees in front of her. Lord of the Flies? Ha! Wait until they got a load of the “Lord of the Little People!”

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