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Final Battle

This is an extract I wrote for a possible future for one of my Alternate Gargoyles Universe characters, Ebony. She became my main character, though I hadn’t really intended it to happen. One of the joys of creative writing. This story takes place in the not so distant future, where a lot went down, and it wasn’t all good for her. Of course as a writer I have to abuse my main character. 🙂 This is a kind of finale for the first part of her story. It’s also long, over 2300 words, so be prepared.

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Don’t Speak

I love using songs as inspiration. So many songs already have a narrative, that it isn’t too hard to come up with a story. This is one such attempt. It is inspired by the song Don’t Speak by No Doubt, and features the original gargoyle characters Steelheart and Eponine that I created for the Alternate Gargoyle Universe Mailing List.

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Late Night Out Part 3

Sorry this is late. I meant to have it done last weekend, but RL  had other ideas. I hope you enjoy the end.

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Late Night Out Part 2

Here’s part 2. Enjoy!

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Late Night Out Part 1

On my Fangirl Xanadu blog, I talked about a severe lack of Gargoyles/Doctor Who crossover fanfics. And now, I’ve decided to do something about it. This features the 11th Doctor and my own characters from the AGU from 15+ years ago. This is my first attempt to write any kind of fanfic with a Doctor. I hope he comes off authentic.

Summary: The Doctor runs into three Gargoyle children and takes them on a quick night out on the universe.

11th Doctor/AGU Gargoyles Ebony, Amber, and Jasper. Doctor Who is © BBC. Gargoyles © Walt Disney Company. Gargoyles characters are my own.

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Oh My Godzilla!

This story was originally written for a fanfic mailing list for the TV show Gargoyles that my husband and I ran back in the middle nineties. It features original characters that were created for the list.

Timeline: Non-timeline (October 1996)
Part 1/1
Summary: When a meteor threatens to expose the monastery, it is up to Black Steel, Jasmine, Matt, and Ebony to defend it with the help of a … giant green lizard?

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