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A Little Payback Revised

I got some feedback on this story as well, and have also acted on it. I want to do a series with Danni and Drew, but this is the first story with them I’ve written that’s done enough for public consumption.

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A Start Revised – Someday

I got some great feedback on my Sparkler Monthly contest entry and made some changes based on it. The story is essentially the same, but I’ve tried to clarified some things, and changed the ending, which I wasn’t happy with anyway. But the edits changed the intent of the story, so I had to change the title as well. “A Start” didn’t fit anymore. I think “Someday” does.

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Short Story – Payback

Trying my hand at writing shorter stories. I kept this one at 500 words and under. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

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Don’t Speak

I love using songs as inspiration. So many songs already have a narrative, that it isn’t too hard to come up with a story. This is one such attempt. It is inspired by the song Don’t Speak by No Doubt, and features the original gargoyle characters Steelheart and Eponine that I created for the Alternate Gargoyle Universe Mailing List.

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A Start

This short story was written as an entry for the Sparkler Magazine “Share Your World” contest. It had to be under 500 words and showed in some way how you share your stories. The characters I used are from a story I’m working on and have been for a year now. I hope to have the plot finally settled and to be able to start writing soon.

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