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Souka and her recently divorced mother move to a new place to start over. In looking for a school to enroll in, Souka decides to leave her preppy, private high school behind and transfers into a technical high school. To her surprise, she’s the only girl student in the entire school! The first day of school is nothing like she ever imagined — boys crashing through the window, fighting for all they are worth. One day, the school’s current “Bancho” (a term for a gang leader) ambushes Souka. Determined to protect her, Yu, one of the classmates, comes to her rescue, but Yu ends up in a struggle. Trying to help, Souka swings her book bag and ends up taking down the Bancho herself! What Souka didn’t know was that when someone takes down the class’ leader, you became the leader of that class. This wasn’t a role she was expecting for herself, but will she be able to relinquish it?

mydarlingmissbanchoBy Mayu Fujikata
Publisher: CMX
Age Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Price: $9.99

Mayu Fujikata’s debut manga My Darling! Miss Bancho is a lighthearted high school comedy that takes place in a technical high school. Souka moves with her single mother (divorced) to a different town to begin their new lives together. Downgrading from an expensive private high school she once attended Souka decides to join a tech school so she will be able to gain the skills needed to enter the work force upon graduation.

In her first day in the classroom she meets Yuuji, who is introduced to the reader via flying in through the window. Yuuji is presented to us as a leader of the sophomore class and a parental like figure. From taking care of his siblings at home to trying to keep his classmates in line he tries his best to protect Souka from the rough men at the school, even before she accidentally becomes the school’s “Bancho.” Souka, though having protection as school via her new-found minions, is a strong woman. Most girls in the tech school didn’t last as long as her but she is determined to stick it out til graduation. She works part-time to help support her and her mother now that they are trying to make it on their own.

The  art work in itself is one of the few drawbacks (the other being that we may never see the rest of this series), though having the prior knowledge that this is the manga-ka’s debut work I can be more forgiving than others. Though during the first read I was laughing so much that I didn’t give much attention to any of the minute details. This is far from a typical shojo title which is what really piqued my interest within the first chapter. Typically with a reverse harem the main lead female character is surrounded by beautiful men fighting for her attention. In this series they are mainly fighting amongst themselves and mainly stare at Souka as being the only female around them, not to say she isn’t a cutie. The only sparkles I can recall is when the boys got into a brawl or from flying throw a window. This isn’t a violent manga but there are a few mild fights, what you would typically expect to see from high school boys.

I really enjoyed reading the first volume of this series and hope that it will not be the last. It’s hard to judge a series on the first volume alone, as a reader I can tell that the characters were just beginning to blossom and develop. It is my wish that someday the rest of the series will be picked up by a different publisher. And if not I’m glad that I was able to get some laughs out of what I was able to read. This volume didn’t end on any cliffhangers so it can stand-alone pretty well, which sadly if this series never gets rescued at least there isn’t any lingering questions on the readers end.

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