Late Night Out Part 1

On my Fangirl Xanadu blog, I talked about a severe lack of Gargoyles/Doctor Who crossover fanfics. And now, I’ve decided to do something about it. This features the 11th Doctor and my own characters from the AGU from 15+ years ago. This is my first attempt to write any kind of fanfic with a Doctor. I hope he comes off authentic.

Summary: The Doctor runs into three Gargoyle children and takes them on a quick night out on the universe.

11th Doctor/AGU Gargoyles Ebony, Amber, and Jasper. Doctor Who is © BBC. Gargoyles © Walt Disney Company. Gargoyles characters are my own.

Late Night Out Part 1

“Ebony, come on! They’re almost on us!”

The black gargoyle heard her clan sister’s cry but she couldn’t keep up. She collapsed to the ground, letting go of Amber’s hand. She clutched her shoulder, which was sticky and wet from the blood oozing from the bullet wound.

“Ebony!” Amber called again, stopping when Ebony let go of her hand.

“I can’t Amber,” Ebony said in a ragged voice. “You and Jasper go on, find some place safe to hide.” Behind them, angry voices shouted, crashing through the bush, and growing ever closer.

“No! We won’t leave you!” She grabbed Ebony’s uninjured arm, trying to get her to stand up.

Jasper, who had bolted ahead of his older sisters, looked behind him to see what was taking them so long. He didn’t see the tall, blue box that seemed to appear out of nowhere, and ran into it head first.

At the control console, long arms reached out to press a couple of buttons and then flip a switch, finalizing the landing of the TARDIS. The Doctor pulled his sonic screwdriver from his jacket pocket and flipped it in the air, catching it easily. “Now, old girl, let’s see what’s ailing you.” He was about to crawl under the control console when he heard the distinctive ‘thud’ of something running into the TARDIS. At first he was going to ignore it, but his insatiable curiosity needled at him to see what would hit his ship. Slipping the sonic screwdriver back into his pocket, he walked to the door and opened it.

Looking out into the darkness, he saw little but the signs of being in a wood; rocks, bushes and trees. He was about to close the door when he looked down. Seated at the foot of the TARDIS was a young gargoyle boy, rubbing his head through a shock of black hair. “Well, hello,” he said, smiling down at the boy. The boy looked up at him, still holding his head, his eyes growing bigger. The Doctor flopped down to the boy’s level. “If you wanted to come in, you could have just knocked. No need to use your head like that.” The blue-green gargoyle continued to stare at him. “What’s your name? I’m the Doctor, by the way.”

At the word Doctor, the boy’s expression suddenly changed. “My sister’s hurt! Would you help her? Please?!?!” Jasper cried and tugged at the Doctor’s sleeve. “They’re gonna get her if you don’t!”

“Who–” the Doctor started to ask, when he heard the angry voices, as well as another, pleading voice. He stood up. “Get inside.” He motioned Jasper into the TARDIS as he leapt out himself, following the sound of the pleading voice. He stopped when he reached two girls. One, a light yellow with mousey brown hair, was trying to pull up the other, who was black as night, except for her sunny blond hair, and was injured. Behind them, the voices grew louder still, and lights flashed through the surrounding trees and brush.

Amber heard a sound behind her and turned her head, expecting it to be Jasper. Instead she saw a tall human in a long dark coat, a mess of light brown hair on his head, and smart bow tie around his neck. She gasped. Ebony looked up at Amber’s gasp, her golden eyes filling with fear. She started to pull Amber closer to her protectively with her wings.

“No time for that,” The Doctor said, grabbing Amber from Ebony.

“No!” Ebony cried, trying to stand, but collapsed weakly to the ground again. The Doctor ignored her.

“Go. There is a blue box just ahead. Go into it. Your brother is waiting.”

“Jasper?!” Amber cried. She started to turn to run, but then hesitated, glancing back at Ebony.

“Go!” The Doctor said more emphatically. “I’ll take care of her.” He was already moving to pick Ebony up. Amber wasn’t sure why, but she felt they could trust this strange man. She ran off in the direction he indicated.

“You’re helping us,” Ebony said as the man lifted her into his arms. “Why?”

“You look like you could use it,” The Doctor answered, his long legs making short work of covering the distance between them and the TARDIS.

“But humans don’t just help Gargoyles…” Ebony’s voice trailed off as she started to lose consciousness.

“Lucky for you then, I’m not human.”

Amber saw the blue box and stared incomprehensibly at it. It really was a box, with the words ‘Police Call Box’ lit up along the top. Was that man a police officer then? But what was the box doing here? She’d never seen it in the woods before. And what would it even be doing in the woods? It hardly seemed big enough to hold all of them. And would it be able to fend off the men and their guns?

“Amber! In here!” Jasper called as he peered out the door and waved her over. Amber ran inside after him, and stopped in the middle of the walkway, just staring. The inside was enormous! Nothing like what it looked like from the outside. Signs with strange symbols surrounded a central column that went down into a hexagonal console, and the sides and floor around it looked to be made of glass. Everything was lit with an ethereal blue light.

“It’s magic,” she said under her breath.

Behind her, the Doctor ambled in, Ebony in his arms. He kicked the door closed and started up the walkway. “Look out now!” he said as he nearly ran into Amber, spun around to just avoid her and continued up to the console. He gently set Ebony down on a seat near the console before starting to flip switches. “Is everyone here?”

“Here!” Jasper called excitedly.

From behind her, Amber could hear the men approaching the box. She looked behind her, and could see their forms in the small windows in the door. “They’re coming!” she cried and ran up the ramp to Ebony’s side.

“Then we should probably be going!” As the Doctor said the last word, he flipped a final switch, and the room was filled with a groaning, grinding sound, and the column in the middle of the console began to move up and down. The sound drowned out the men’s voices and when she glanced at the window again, their shapes were gone.

“Where did the men go?” Amber asked looking back at the Doctor.

“They didn’t go anywhere, we did,” he answered and smiled reassuringly at her. “Now, let’s take a look at your sister, shall we?” He pulled out his sonic screwdriver.

“Is that a magic wand?” Amber asked.

“No, this is my sonic screwdriver.” He pointed the device at Ebony and it emitted a high-pitched sound. Then he flicked it away, and little doors on the side flew open. He held it up and looked at it.

“Why are you using a screwdriver?” Jasper asked. “Does Ebony have a screw loose?”

“Jasper!” Amber admonished him, while the Doctor laughed.

“No, I’m sure she doesn’t,” the Doctor said. “But this is a special screwdriver. It can do all sorts of things.”

“Like a Swiss army knife?” Amber asked.

“Something like that.” He held up the screwdriver again and studied it. He started to frown slightly as he rotated it. He snapped the driver down, closing it.

“You’re Gargoyles, aren’t you?” he asked as he slipped the driver into his coat pocket.

“Yes sir,” Amber answered.

“So, you heal during your stone sleep.” He started pacing as he made the half-question/half-statement.

“Yes sir,” Amber said again.

“That could be a problem.” The Doctor stopped, pausing in thought. “But not to worry, we can work around that.” He started at his manic pace again, taking Ebony into his arms again. “Come along,” he said as he started up some steps that led to a door.

“Wait!” Amber said, having to run a few steps to catch up with him. “Who are you?”

“Oh, I’m sure I already introduced myself. I’m the Doctor.”

“The Doctor? Doctor Who?”

“If you like.”

Amber huffed at the non-answer.

“Where are we going Doctor?” Jasper asked, not bothered by the lack of surname. He bounded up to the Doctor on all fours.

“Infirmary. It’s around here somewhere.” The Doctor suddenly stopped at a three-way junction, and started looking around. Amber stopped hard as well, nearly running into the erratic man. “This way I think,” he turned around and started down the corridor to the left. Jasper happily followed the funny man. Amber got all turned around, and had to run to catch up to them again.

“I know your kind doesn’t usually take names, but–”

Amber stopped suddenly. “Oh my gosh! We never introduced ourselves!”

The Doctor suddenly went into a room with Jasper hot on his heels. Amber scurried after them.

“I’m Jasper!” The young boy gargoyle said, climbing onto a nearby chair as the Doctor laid Ebony on a bed.

“Hello Jasper, it is so very nice to meet you.” The Doctor replied as he started to clean Ebony’s wound.

“And I’m Amber, sir.”

“A pleasure to meet you Amber Sir.” Amber huffed again while Jasper giggled. The Doctor glanced up at Jasper, grinning wickedly.

“And this is–” Amber started again.

“Ebony. A rather apt name.” Amber was about to ask how he knew that when she remember Jasper had said it back in the other room. He finished tending to her wound and pulled out his sonic screwdriver again. He fiddled with it for a moment and then pointed it at a control panel on the side of the bed. It emitted it’s high pitch sound and then a faint light started to glow from under Ebony, and the bed made a soft humming sound. The Doctor stood back, admiring his work.

“Will she be okay?” Jasper asked, looking serious for the first time.

“Of course she will!” The Doctor replied with his usual grin and ruffled Jasper’s hair. “I’m the Doctor, remember?” Jasper grinned up at him, completely reassured.

“Why did you ask about our stone sleep?” Amber pressed, not quite as assured as Jasper.

“Well, it just means her healing will take longer. Time doesn’t work in the TARDIS the same way it does outside.”


“My ship,” the Doctor waved his hands indicating all around them. “It’s a special ship.”

“How? Besides being bigger than it looks on the inside.”

The Doctor chuckled. “It also travels through time and space.” He whispered like it was a big secret.

Jasper eyes grew wide. “Really?”

“Of course not Jasper,” Amber said. “He’s just pulling your leg. Humans can’t do that.”

“Who said I was human?”

“Are you a magician or sorcerer?”


“A fae?”

“What? No!”

Jaspers eyes grew wider. “Are you an alien?!” The Doctor put his finger to his lips, and Jasper mimicked him. Amber looked more skeptical.

“I can take you anywhere, in any time, in all the universe!”

“Anywhere?” Jasper asked.

“Yes.” The Doctor took a step closer to Jasper.

“Doctor.” Amber said, trying to get his attention back.

“Anytime?” Jasper asked, his excitement growing.

“Yes.” The Doctor took another step.

“Doctor!” Amber said louder, her voice betraying her growing exasperation.

“Yes?” He turned to look at Amber.

“Why will healing take longer? What’s wrong with our stone sleep?”

“Nothing. You won’t be going into it.”

“What?! Why?”

“I told you, time works differently in the TARDIS. Your stone sleep is dependent on specific times and conditions that are suspended in the TARDIS. I have no doubt you’ll still need to sleep, but you won’t be turning to stone, and hence won’t be able to rely on the healing factor it affords you. That’s why it will take your clan sister longer to heal, and why we should do something while she does.” He turned back Jasper. “Where or when would you like to go?”

“Can we go see dinosaurs?” Jasper asked, his eyes filled with hope.

“You like dinosaurs, do you?” Jasper nodded vigorously. “Yeah, I like dinosaurs too. Dinosaurs are cool.” Jasper nodded ever more vigorously. “Well, it does so happen that I know of a planet that has dinosaurs on it.”

Jasper gasped. “Can we go? Can we? Can we?!” He was practically jumping up and down in his seat with excitement.

“What does your sister think?” Amber had her arms crossed over her chest, frowning at the two boys. Why couldn’t they be more serious?

“She’ll say no. She doesn’t like dinosaurs.”

“I do too!” She cried out, spinning around on him. “I just don’t like when you leave them all over the floor!”

“Dinosaurs need lots of room to roam!”

“Shall we go see?” The Doctor asked, looking between the two clan siblings.

“Yes!” Jasper proclaimed and jumped from his chair. The Doctor look at Amber, who looked torn between wanting to act the grownup, and getting to see real dinosaurs. If he wasn’t lying. The Doctor motioned Jasper out and then followed after him.

“We’re going now,” he called back as he walked out the door. “To see dinosaurs.” His voice began to grow faint as he continued to walk away. “Of the class, Dinosauria.”

Amber looked at Ebony one more time. She looked like she would be out for a while. “Wait! Wait for me!” she called and ran out of the room after the two boys.


Ebony slowly opened her eyes. How long had she been unconscious? She looked at her left shoulder. It had been bandaged, and was still sore, but it didn’t hurt anything like before. She pushed herself upright with her good arm and looked around. It looked like some sort of hospital room. That man, had he helped them? And where were Amber and Jasper? She slid down off the bed, her legs feeling weak, but she was able to stand. Before she could take a step though, the whole room shook. She grabbed the bed to steady herself. Was it an earthquake? She started to walk away from the bed, when the room shook again. She grabbed at a table this time. This was like no earthquake she’d ever felt. She would find out what it was, and hopefully find Amber and Jasper as well. She made her way to the door and looked out. It was a plain white corridor. After looking both ways, she chose a direction and started off.


The door to the TARDIS flew open, and Jasper, then Amber, and finally the Doctor came running in. The Doctor slammed the door shut and leaned against it. Amber and Jasper collapsed on the walkway, gasping for breath. Something slammed against the TARDIS, making it shake.

“It’s gonna get in!” Amber cried, looking at the Doctor.

The Doctor looked worried for a moment, then pushed away from the door and brushed himself off. “Nah,” he said nonchalantly and started up the walkway to the control console. “Nothing can break through those doors.”

“Jasper! I told you not to touch those eggs!” Amber said between breaths.

“I didn’t know the mother was so close by.”

“Of course she would be. You remember how our Rookery mother hovered around us. Why would a dinosaur mother be any different?”

Jasper just shrugged. Amber knocked him in the head.


“Think next time!” Amber looked up at the Doctor who seemed to be looking into a screen. “Is she still out there?”

“Come take a look.” The Doctor waved the two gargoyles up. They wearily joined the Doctor. He pulled the screen down so both could see it easily.


Every corridor looked the same, so Ebony had no idea if she was going in the right direction. She didn’t even know what the right direction was. She stopped and leaned against the wall wearily. While her arm didn’t hurt as much, it still throbbed with a dull ache that was starting to take its toll on her. She nearly slid down the wall to the floor, but a shrill scream shocked her back to alertness. “Amber!” she said to herself, and pushed herself off the wall. She gathered all of her energy and started running in the direction she thought the scream came from.

To be continued.

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