Fanfic Challenge

November 10, 2013

Gargoyles_logoI am catching up on the Verity podcast this week and in one of the episodes, during the “What we’re excited about Who this week”, on of the hosts mentioned looking for Doctor Who/South Park crossover fanfics. The host didn’t think there would be any, and was pleasantly surprised not just at finding some, but at the quality of them.

This got me thinking. I know fans will crossover anything and everything they can think of. So I wondered if there were any Disney’s Gargoyles and Doctor Who crossovers. A jump onto yielded one. A search of AO3 yielded none. Well, this became a challenge to me. I surely can not be the only Gargoyles and Doctor Who fan. I’ll admit I never really thought to cross the two universes, but seeing almost no one else has either, definitely has me thinking.

I’ve never been one to try to write canon fanfic. I never feel like I am portraying the characters right, so most of my fanfic is in AU. I have several gargoyle characters I created for an AU mailing list my husband and I created back in the nineties, and if I wrote a crossover fic, it would be with one of them. The biggest quandary of writing a Doctor Who crossover would be which Doctor? There are now 11 to choose from. From new Who, I think my choice would be 11, since doing 9 without Rose wouldn’t be fun, and I just didn’t care for 10. From Classic Who, Doctors 4 and 5 would work well I think, and 6 would need a specific kind of personality to really work.

But it would be fun trying to figure out how a Gargoyle from the Disney Universe would work as a companion to the Doctor. How would the “stone sleep in the day” work on a ship that travels through time and space? Do Gargoyles have an internal clock they could rely on? Are they affected by alien suns and times, or are they on Earth Standard Time? The Doctor would surely know about Gargoyles. I mean, how could he not?

This has really got me thinking. Now, if it could also get me writing.

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