Cross Stitch is Cool!

November 11, 2011

My husband often rolls his eyes and asks why I like to read the icanhazcheezburger collection of sites. First and foremost, because they can have really funny pictures and videos. But secondly, because I can occasionally find real gems there. Here’s one such gem. Doctor Who fans can be very crafty. Knitting scarves (yes, I did that too), and creating Weeping Angel Christmas tree toppers. And then there’s my favorite crafting hobby: cross stitch. Thanks to Set Phasers to LOL, I’ve found a site that has some free Doctor Who cross stitch patterns.

At Hancock’s House of Happy, there’s been a spurt of Doctor Who creativity. The big draw of course is the Matt Smith pattern. Because bowties are cool, you can’t resist this one! But there are also freebies of the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker), a cyberman (new series), and a warning about the TARDIS, though I wouldn’t associate it with the Doctor. Rory and Amy definitely though. If you like geeky crafting, check out the site!

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