Fangirl Xanadu is a place to find reviews and articles about TV, movies, comics and books, mostly in the sci-fi/fantasy and mystery genres. I also delves into some of the geekier side of fandom such as collecting toys and playing video games, or getting crafty with cross stitch. All of the reviews and most of the articles are the opinion of the author, and are subjective in nature, and can occasionally fall into the realm of rants. You have been warned. And everyone in a while a personal post can slip in.

Lori Henderson is a forty-something wife and mother of two girls. She works as an accounts payable clerk by day for a hardware manufacturer/importer and likes to geek out at night. She loves cozy mysteries, mostly involving cats, and sci-fi/fantasy that has dragons and/or oriental themes.  She is a big fan of manga and runs another blog, Manga Xanadu exclusively for it, there there can be some cross over.  She has collected American comics for over 25 years and continues to be more of a Marvel fan than DC. She can be contacted at xanadu @