I’ve been a fan of the comic series Elfquest for a long time. I started reading it in 1980 I think, with issue 4 of the origial, magazine size issues. I found on my older brother’s floor, and was first attracted by the beautiful art and then the epic story sealed the deal. It was the first comic I read and collected seriously. I was even in a fan holt for a while.

Over the years, we fans have of course heard the rumors of a movie, both live action and animation. Neither came to fruition. And while I would like to see an animated version more, I would watch a live action as well. Especially if it was done by these people. A conversation on twitter tonight about fan films found me this link to a fan made trailer for Elfquest that was made with the blessings of the Pinis. And it really is done well. It features mostly the female characters, and spans a couple of generations. But they get everything right. Not only are the costumes done well, but the people they put in them look like the characters too. It’s something only fans would care about and would never be seen in a Hollywood made film.

With technology as it is, I think with the funding, and the right people in charge (namely these women) I think an Elfquest live action fan film would be very doable.

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  • Cephus says:

    The problem is, it’s not really a trailer, it’s more of a cosplay filmshoot. There’s no story there, it’s just a bunch of people sitting around in costumes. Yes, the costumes are well done, but as is the problem with Hollywood, eye-candy doesn’t make a good movie.

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