This Week’s Manga: Titanic Hoops

This Week's Manga

KurokosBasketball-Omni01-3DViz Media releases all their new shonen and shojo titles this week, which includes a couple of debut titles. Kuroko’s Basketball is finally released, after months of anticipation. I didn’t think I’d be interested in this series when it was announced, but now I have to admit some curiosity about it, and will pick up a digital copy of the 2-in-1 omnibus. I don’t have the shelf space for print. I’m also curious about Yona of the Dawn, a new shojo. I’ve seen it come up a lot in my twitter feed. It’s by the creator of Mugen Spiral, NG Life, and Game x Rush, all of which had been published by Tokyopop back in the day. I wasn’t going to check it out, but knowing what she did previously, maybe I will now. There’s also the second volume of Haikyu!, and I still haven’t had a chance to read the first one! T_T

Attack on Titan 19 SEKodansha has Attack on Titan Volume 19, whose special edition includes the second part of the anime OVA No Regrets, making that a must have. There’s also the 15th volume of Say I Love You. How did that get to 15 volumes?! I am so far behind, but it has been made worse by having all my books packed up in boxes, and I don’t know where anything is! I need my bookshelves!!

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