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This Week’s Manga: Titanic Hoops

This Week's Manga

KurokosBasketball-Omni01-3DViz Media releases all their new shonen and shojo titles this week, which includes a couple of debut titles. Kuroko’s Basketball is finally released, after months of anticipation. I didn’t think I’d be interested in this series when it was announced, but now I have to admit some curiosity about it, and will pick up a digital copy of the 2-in-1 omnibus. I don’t have the shelf space for print. I’m also curious about Yona of the Dawn, a new shojo. I’ve seen it come up a lot in my twitter feed. It’s by the creator of Mugen Spiral, NG Life, and Game x Rush, all of which had been published by Tokyopop back in the day. I wasn’t going to check it out, but knowing what she did previously, maybe I will now. There’s also the second volume of Haikyu!, and I still haven’t had a chance to read the first one! T_T

Attack on Titan 19 SEKodansha has Attack on Titan Volume 19, whose special edition includes the second part of the anime OVA No Regrets, making that a must have. There’s also the 15th volume of Say I Love You. How did that get to 15 volumes?! I am so far behind, but it has been made worse by having all my books packed up in boxes, and I don’t know where anything is! I need my bookshelves!!

This Week’s Manga: Going Old School

This Week's Manga

Queen Emeraldas 1It’s Yen Press’ big week for releases, but it’s Kodansha who is stealing the spotlight with their release of the old school manga Queen Emeraldas. The deluxe hardback sold out at Anime Expo, and will hopefully continue to sell well, so we can get not just older titles, but also more Leji Matsumoto. I would really love an official release of Space Battleship Yamato and Space Pirate Captain Harlock!

That’s not to say Yen Press doesn’t have any titles worthy of picking up. The third volume of Fruits Basket Collector Edition comes out, and I will finally get into new material I haven’t read yet. Also out is Liselotte and the Witch’s Forest Vol 1, Takaya’s latest series. Filling the lighter side of my bookshelf is Horimiya Vol 4 and The Devil is a Part-Timer Vol 6.

Immortal Hounds 1Vertical Comics releases the first volume of a new series that sounds intriguing. Immortal Hounds is set in a world where everyone is immortal, but those few people who want their mortality back are hunted.  It’s got just the right kind of twist to draw you in. I know I want to check it out.

This Week’s Manga: Complex Fruit

This Week's Manga

I’m back and trying to get back on schedule. I hope I was missed at least a little. I don’t have my desk yet. It had to be dismantled for the move, so I’m working from a makeshift desk; a typing table and the window sill of our computer/bonus room. I don’t have any bookshelves up either, and after moving over a dozen boxes of just manga, I don’t think my husband would appreciate me buying more manga, but I can still window shop.

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This Week’s Manga: Yen Goes Vertical

This Week's MangaYen Press has the big release list this week. It’s going to be a real money suck with so many titles coming out that I read. Vertical debuts another series, and the ghost from the past publisher rears it head with their first print release in 7 years. Only time will tell if it will be ugly or not.

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This Week’s Manga: Moonlight, Monsters, and Beasts

This Week's Manga

Kodansha has the most releases this week, but several other publishers make an appearance, including three debut titles. We also see a new title from Digital Manga Publishing, a rare sight on the regular releases list, as it seems they are doing more publishing through kickstarter than traditionally. But they get funded more often than not, so something must be working for them. Digital only releases, which have also been really sparse lately make a bit of a come back as well.

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This Week’s Manga: Guardians of Yesterday’s Eating

With Diamond shipping Viz Media titles early, last week was just a bust for new releases. Even digital titles were next to non-existent. This week is a slight improvement with Seven Seas Entertainment and Vertical Comics having the most releases. Kodansha and Viz make an appearance, along with occasional manga publisher NBM.

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This Week’s Manga: A Yen For Farewells

Diamond is one against messing around with the releases schedule, so what should be the week for Yen Press to shine, is overshadowed by all the Viz Media releases coming out this week as well. Sorry for the wallets of anyone who needs a week to replenish between the two big publishers.

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