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This Week’s Manga: Wanderers

This Week's Manga

Planetes Omni 1It’s a small but varied selection in print this week. Dark Horse releases the long-awaited first omnibus of Planetes, the sci-fi series by Makoto Yukimura, who also created Vinland Saga. The series has been out of print for almost 10 years now. Tokyopop originally printed it in a small print run, so copies have been scarce. It’s great that Dark Horse has picked it up, and it’s a good fit for their line. I still have the original Tokyopop run, but it might be interesting to check out this one to see what Dark Horse has done differently.

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This Week’s Manga: Norazaki-kun

This Week's MangaNoragami Stray StoriesThere’s a good selection of titles for this week. Kodansha Comics releases Noragami Stray Stories, a collection of short stories set in the Noragami universe. I really like the main Noragami series, so this is a volume I’ll be picking up. Seven Seas has the third volume of their popular shojo Ancient Magus’ Bride. I swear I am going to check this series out at some point. I keep hearing nothing but good things about it. I also want to check out Udon Entertainment’s Stein’s Gate. Being a Doctor Who fan, I’m of course interested in stories about time travel. Volume 2 is out this week.

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This Week’s Manga: Digital Dominance

This Week's Manga

Yamada-kun 5Kodansha releases the mother lode as 5 of their titles are all volumes I need in my collection. My Little Monster, Noragami, Seven Deadly Sins, Silent Voice and Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches all have volumes out this week, but want makes this so hard is that there isn’t one I want more than the other. I want them all! Over on the digital side, Kodansha releases another round of the collections of their Crunchyroll titles, but I think their pricing is off. Looking at Viz Media and Yen Press, who are bringing out new titles as well as re-releasing older ones, Kodansha is nearly double. I would think it would be hard to justify $11 for an e-book vs a $5.99 subscription where I could read them all. I can see this backfiring on them.

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