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This Week’s Manga: Wanderers

This Week's Manga

Planetes Omni 1It’s a small but varied selection in print this week. Dark Horse releases the long-awaited first omnibus of Planetes, the sci-fi series by Makoto Yukimura, who also created Vinland Saga. The series has been out of print for almost 10 years now. Tokyopop originally printed it in a small print run, so copies have been scarce. It’s great that Dark Horse has picked it up, and it’s a good fit for their line. I still have the original Tokyopop run, but it might be interesting to check out this one to see what Dark Horse has done differently.

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This Week’s Manga: Norazaki-kun

This Week's MangaNoragami Stray StoriesThere’s a good selection of titles for this week. Kodansha Comics releases Noragami Stray Stories, a collection of short stories set in the Noragami universe. I really like the main Noragami series, so this is a volume I’ll be picking up. Seven Seas has the third volume of their popular shojo Ancient Magus’ Bride. I swear I am going to check this series out at some point. I keep hearing nothing but good things about it. I also want to check out Udon Entertainment’s Stein’s Gate. Being a Doctor Who fan, I’m of course interested in stories about time travel. Volume 2 is out this week.

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This Week’s Manga: Digital Dominance

This Week's Manga

Yamada-kun 5Kodansha releases the mother lode as 5 of their titles are all volumes I need in my collection. My Little Monster, Noragami, Seven Deadly Sins, Silent Voice and Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches all have volumes out this week, but want makes this so hard is that there isn’t one I want more than the other. I want them all! Over on the digital side, Kodansha releases another round of the collections of their Crunchyroll titles, but I think their pricing is off. Looking at Viz Media and Yen Press, who are bringing out new titles as well as re-releasing older ones, Kodansha is nearly double. I would think it would be hard to justify $11 for an e-book vs a $5.99 subscription where I could read them all. I can see this backfiring on them.

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This Week’s Manga: Inner Ultra

Shigeru Mizuki HitlerWow, this week digital releases outnumber print ones. Only four publishers have print titles. Drawn and Quarterly continues their releases of Shigeru Mizuki’s catalog, with the biography Hitler out this week. Kodansha releases the Master’s Edition of Fairy Tail, that collects the first 5 volumes in one massive tome which is good for new readers wanting to get in or die-hard completests.

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This Week’s Manga: Bunnies, Tigers, and Fairies

This Week's Manga

It’sFairy Girls 1 a subdued selection of titles this week. While most publishers have something coming out, there are only a few titles for each. Kodansha starts out on top with a title I’m seriously interested in. Fairy Girls is a spin-off manga from the series Fairy Tail, and features, you guessed it, the girls from Fairy Tail! The series is by another manga artist, Boku, but remains consistent with the main series. The women wizards of Fairy Tail are great, so it’s awesome that they get their book to kick butt in!

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This Week’s Manga: Idol Kittens

This Week's Manga

IdolDreams-01Viz is the top dog this week, as it has been for the last month on the New York Times and Amazon Bestseller lists. All of their shonen and shojo titles come out this week, including the final volume of Yukarism by Chika Shiomi, and new volumes of superhero titles One-Punch Man and My Hero Academia. Continue reading This Week’s Manga: Idol Kittens