The purpose of this site is two-fold. First, is to share my love of manga through news, reviews and technology. I want to share my unique perspective on manga through reviews and on the news. With electronic distribution growing, manga will inevitably be affected by this as well. I will also keep up to date about all the technological aspects of manga.

Second, as a mother of two girls, and already well versed in manga and related anime, I want to share my knowledge with other parents who are just finding out about these mediums. Through my own experience of raising two girls and being a part of the manga and anime culture for 20 years (give or take a few years) I will answer any questions parents may have about any genre of manga and anime, as well a my own personal insights. I will also have reviews of manga that emphasis the things that parents would be interested in, but not necessarily a manga fan.

Jenny’s Journal are reviews written by my oldest daughter.  She’s looked at manga occasionally (mainly samplers from SDCC), but with her discovery of Dragon Drive from Viz Media, she is well on her way to become a mangaholic like me!

Krissy’s Korner are reviews written by my youngest daughter.  She’s been a little slower on the reading and comprehension, but with the discovery of manga/chapter books for young readers, she’s been improving.

Manga News, Reviews and Commentary