Halloween 2012

October 31, 2012

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so when I heard that the historic district in our town did elaborate displays, I of course, wanted to go see them. With the kids out trick-or-treating with their friends, it was a perfect for my husband and I to go out by ourselves and enjoy the sites. We went while it was still light to avoid the crowds. Last year it was reported the street got over 3000 visitors, but even then, there was a healthy crowd already there and growing. There are two different pirate displays, one with a sunken ship, a cemetery, and even some cute Halloween fun!


It’s obvious a lot of work and time went into creating these displays. One of these houses even had a magician doing an act. I think it’s great to see a neighborhood come together to create something fun everyone can enjoy, and that the city supports. As we were leaving, the streets were being blocked off by police, a local band was setting up, and there were even port-a-potties for people to use. If only our house was down there, it would be fun to participate!

Of my kids, only one decided to dress up, but at least she picked something simple, and that she can use again when Wondercon comes back around. Meet Jade Harley:


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