Last week, the kids and I went to get our hair cut. Just down the street from the hair salon is our local comic shop. The newest issue of Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters had come out, as did Mega Man. My oldest has started collecting the new Archie series, and I had to get the Godzilla, so we stopped in.  They had my Godzilla, but not the Mega Man. The shop didn’t get it for some reason. My oldest was a little disappointed. But we checked the racks over, as it is my perchance to browse, and something caught my oldest’s eye.

She reached out and grabbed an issue of Axe Cop that was sitting on the shelf. “I’ve seen this online!” she exclaimed and immediately opened it up to start reading it to me out loud. It started with something about chicken brains attacking or something, I don’t remember exactly. But it was something she wanted, and in just the first few pages, was already enjoying it. It’s a really great feeling for a parent to see their child find something they enjoy. Seeing my oldest’s eyes light up really made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. All the more because it wasn’t something I pointed out. It was something she found herself.

After adding that issue to the pile, I went to see what my youngest was up to. She was sitting on the floor reading Phineas and Ferb. I asked her if she wanted it. She said no, she had just finished reading it. After scolding her not to be a manga cow, I do not encourage that AT ALL, she proceeded to point to an issue of Penguins of Madagascar.  Issue 4 of 4 of course, just as my oldest had found Axe Cop 2 of 3. And our shop isn’t really good about keeping back issues. But, it’s okay, I’ve got a lot of Doctor Who Classics and Ongoing series to catch up on, and already have an account to Lone Star Comics.

Whether its books, or comics, or manga, I hope to see their eyes light up like that more often.

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