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You’re the ones who’re horny every freaking single day of the year!

By: Jun Yuzuki
Publisher: Del Rey
Genre: Comedy Romance
Age: OT 16+
Price: 10.99 US

As I stated in earlier reviews, I tend to be a reader of seinen manga, and as an adult male, that is the demographic that I fall into. However I try and read all genres and give them a fair shake, or at least an alternative perspective. Although I have found plenty of gems outside of the seinen genre, there are also plenty of head-scratchers as well. Unfortunately Gakuen Prince falls more into the second catagory than the first.

Just like the schools in at least 50% of shoujo manga, Jyoshien Gakuen Private High School used to be an all-girls school, but not long before our story begins boys were admitted for the first time.

Rise Okitsu is a plain jane (until she removes her glasses) who just wants to survive high school life. She is hazed by her more fashion and make-up conscious classmates, and Rise just tries to shrink and hide. However, this is the first day of school for the tall, dark and brooding Azusa Mizutani. All boys like Azusa are sent to the S-class, which is more elite than the regular homerooms. This is where the story cannonballs into the shallow waters of appropriateness. The girls of this school are sex-crazed on a maniacal level. With so few boys, who are almost all good looking in that special shoujo way, the sex-crazed females of the school hunt the boys down like wolves in packs. And yes, the intention is to rape them. Azusa must run and hide during breaks between classes, or else be subject to sexual molestation by who knows how many blood-thirsty girls. The only realistic way to protect himself is to publicly profess his love to a single girl, and that relationship will be respected. Guess who Azusa chooses…

Gakuen Prince is another one of those books that will be unappealing to the demographic it is appropriate for and inappropriate for the demographic it is written for. There are no teachers or adults anywhere to be seen (like this situation is even realistic). A school full of horny girls trying to rape the small group of guys there sounds like the plot of a multi-fetish adult video, except for the fact that the girls don’t even seem to be enjoying themselves. They are more like vampires thirsty for blood. In the end this feels just as uncomfortable as it sounds.

Gauken Prince does have its moments, and there are some very funny exchanges if you can get past the disturbing behavior of the school’s students then you will probably enjoy this title. However I, for one, could not.

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