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Manga Reviews Available at Manga Life

I’ve been writing reviews for the website Manga Life for a few months now. I will be posting reviews here as well, though not the same as what goes to Manga Life, so the content remains fresh. But I will be alerting everyone when my reviews go up there. If you have any comments about my reviews, please feel free to leave comments here. I’d really like to hear what you have to say.

Zombie Loan Vol 1 – Yen Press – Older Teen (16+)

Genju no Seiza Vol 4 – Tokyopop – Older Teen (16+)

Edit: Due to disagreements over managerial decisions and Manga Life being put to the side during site upgrades, several staff and myself have decided to create a new review site: Manga Village. We can be found at Comics Village for now, until our own site can be completed.