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Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Whatever happened to this old adage? It tells us that looks can be deceiving, and by making a judgment based on what’s on the outside will make us miss what’s on the inside, which is what really counts.

ANN has just reported a story from South Carolina about a mother that complained to aAbsolute Boyfriend Vol 1 Books-a-million store about a manga being the children’s section based solely on the cover. What makes this a story is that the bookstore acquiesced to the parent’s complaint and is now moving the manga section away from it’s core audience. All because ONE parent complained. The book in question, Absolute Boyfriend vol 1 by Yuu Watase, feature a boy in a gift box. The only parts of the boy that can be seen are his chest and knees, with the nudity only implied.

What galls me about this story is that it was the mother that was offended. The mother of a boy, that came in to shop for her son. She wasn’t offended after her son picked up the book and she looked at what he picked. No boy would pick up a series called Absolute Boyfriend. And once again a rush to judgment is made that the book is pornographic without actually reading any of the book. The mother makes that judgment as does the writer of the article. Absolute Boyfriend is a title written for teenage girls, and it rightfully belongs in the section where teenage girls will find it. And as the mother of 2 girls I know what’s best for them better than the mother of a boy. But then, for the bookstore to move ALL of it’s manga based on one complaint without regard to audience or rating is really bad judgment and bad business.

This just shows how much is wrong in this country, where the minority can make decisions that affect the majority. It’s not up to this one mother of a boy to decide how all mothers of girls should regulate what their daughters are reading or make them search all over the store to find their books because she was offended by what she saw. It’s this kind of sheer ignorance that keeps our culture from maturing.