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Feast to Famine

The Manga gods (ie publishers) smiled down on me in August.  After having such a frustrating time with having to decide with books to cull in July, August orders (shipping in October) was too easy!  I had to go through Previews twice just to make sure I wasn’t imagining it.  But, it was true!  My usual manga order was just under $60, right at my goal!  I was so shocked after July, I thought there had to be a mistake!  But, it seems publishers needed a breather too.  Or they’ve got another deluge planned for September-November, with the holiday buying season.

In fact, our whole order was lighter, so I could add in a couple of titles!  My Nana review copy run seems to have ended, so I made sure to order Nana 13.  I have to find volume 12 now though.  And I decided to get the next volume of Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden 7.  I got volume 6 as a review copy and really enjoyed the story!  I’m late coming to the whole Fushigi Yugi thing.  I’m waiting for the VizBIG volumes of Fushigi Yugi (which are due in Jan 2009!) to get caught up there.  And, I still need volumes 1-5 of Genbu Kaiden (thank goodness for Mangatude and Manga Trading!).  Yen Press’ Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was an absolute must have!  The tiny 16 page booklet that Yen gave out at SDCC barely even got into the story!  But I’m loving it already!   CMX’s relisting of Kiichi and the Magic Books gave me another chance to order volume 3, which I had to skip in July’s order.  And then I realized I forgot to order volume 2.

CMX has been a hard publisher for me to remember to order from.  They are mixed in with all the DC imprints, so when I go to order online, I always skip over them, because I am thinking CMX when I look through the list of publishers, and skip right over DC Comics.  I missed a volume of Gon that way too.  It bugs me too, because I think CMX has really come up with some good and fun titles that deserves more attention.

While this month was more of a famine, it was a good famine.  I hate having to choose between manga.  It’s like being asked to choose between my children, or cats.  It’s impossible to do, and never feels right.