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Kodansha Potpourri

There is a lot of speculation going on about Kodansha and it’s reasons for joining the US Manga market.  I think it’s a little premature to speculate now, but I guess that’s what bloggers and fans like to do.  This is obviously something Kodansha has had in the works for a while.  You don’t get $2,000,000.00 in capital without some planning, and to throw in my .02 about this, I would say it’s Tokyopop restructuring that has more to do with things than Kodansha wanting to “cash in” on the US market.

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Tokyopop Online Watch: Bizenghast

Bizenghast Vol 1Tokyopop, being one of the few companies to embrace the potential of online manga is doing it again.  Starting this week, and until Wed. 7/2/08, you can read all of Bizenghast Volume 1 on their website.  And for every week after, you can read another volume leading up to Volume 5, which will be available to read on 7/15/08 only.

I got hooked on this series through reading it online.  Last year Tokyopop did this for the first two volumes, for the release of the third.  If you want to check out a series, reading it online is a great way to sample it.  And if you do like it, buy the volumes.  Online manga lets you taste the series, but having the book in your hand gives you the real experience.

12 Days of Manga: Day 5

“On the Fifth day of Christmas, Tokyopop gave to me, Biiiiizenghast Vol 1!”

For the whole weekend you can read Bizenghast vol 1. I’d really encourage people to checkBizenghast Vol 1 out this series. It’s very good, involving riddles that must be solved to put spirits to rest. I enjoyed it anyway.  And it also goes over the usual 3 volume model of most Tokyopop OEL!

Check back here Sunday night/Monday or go to Tokyopop.com for the next gift!