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Ask Manga Mom: The Library Edition

Gareth writes:

Hi, I am a library assistant from the UK (Liverpool), and I would be very happy if you could answer a quick question for me.

I had a couple of ten-year olds playing in the library yesterday, and one of them, a young girl, said she only reads comics. My question is, is all ages Manga suitable for a 10-year-old, or if not could you perhaps recommend some graphic novels and comics for 10 year olds.

Having read the recent Carol L. Tilley study finding that comics have no disadvantage compared to traditional prose, I am really keen to develop Manga and graphic novel resources especially for younger children.

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Addicted to Manga

Hi. My name is Lori, and I’m addicted to manga. It started innocently. It was 2002. My husband and I were in a comic book store, and I was looking for some new series to pick up. There, I discovered Dragon Knights, a series Tokyopop was publishing in comic form. It was fun and I love dragons anyway. It lasted 6 issues before Tokyopop abandoned the comic form and went to publishing in graphic novel form, unflipped. I of course, followed the change in format since I wanted to follow the story. And thus was my addiction born.

Why do I think I’m addicted to manga? Let me explain. I was looking at the numbers for My Manga Collection 1Tokyopop’s releases for a small blog I keep there, and on a whim decided to look at how much manga I purchased over the year. My husband is always complaining I had too much manga, and I just brushed it off. Until I looked at the numbers myself.

For the year 2007, I ordered 156 volumes of manga through Previews. I purchased another 47 from amazon.com, Deepdiscount.com and other sources. So that’s 203 volumes I purchased throughout the year. 25 of those volumes were the first volumes of new series, or 1/8 of my total purchases. I have a total of 58 series’ ongoing or My Manga Collection 2incomplete.

My total manga count is at about 636 volumes. 224 volumes are from completed series’. 45 are from series’ either I dropped or were dropped by the publisher (thanks ADV). The rest, 367 volumes are from ongoing titles. And I keep finding more to add. Not just the new titles that are coming out, but older ones that I missed as well.

Spill over shelvesJust looking at them stacked on the shelves, it doesn’t seem to be that many. But the numbers don’t lie. Not this time. After looking at all this, I came to the conclusion. I’m addicted to manga. I don’t even what to think about the amount of money this all comes to, though I am very conscientious about how much I pay for books. I’m always on the look out for good deals. Apparently I found a lot this year.

So, now that I’ve identified the problem, what am I going to do about it? Obviously I have to cut down on what I buy. But that isn’t easy. I’m already picky about what I get as it is. But, there are some places I can cut. I tried to prioritize my series to the 10 I just *had* to keep reading, and I couldn’t even do that! I had to do them in tiers, justifying that they don’t all come out every month, or even every other month. I’m really a sad case. I’ve been able to pick out a few that I can cull, but it’s only going to get harder from here.

Let this be a lesson to you; manga is bad for obsessive/compulsive-packrat-collecting bibliophiles.