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Keeping the Stars Blazing

The current issue of Otaku USA, as well as featuring stories about the anime Space Battleship Yamato and Star Blazers, also had an insert on the Star Blazers webcomic, Star Blazers: Rebirth. This is a web comic written by THE authority on Star Blazers, Tim Eldred. It is a continuation of the Star Blazers saga, taking place after the Final Yamato movie, and features a new generation of characters. But, did you know there were other comics based on the Star Blazers series?

StarBlazers.com, the place for all things Star Blazers, has a section on the history of Spacefront-page.jpg Battleship Yamato and Star Blazers in comics. Being a Leiji Matsumoto fan, I found the entries on the manga version of Yamato very interesting, since all that I’ve ever seen of them are the covers. (I had a chance waaaayyyyyy back in the eighties to buy them from the LA store Books Nippon. I really wish I had…) The article goes into some detail about the history of the comic, even showing covers of the magazines they were serialized in. It also includes a really cool bonus: a translation of a rarely seen side story, Eternal Story of Jura. Yamato/Star Blazers fans should really check it out.

Also check out Tim Eldred’s chronology of Star Blazer’s comics in the US. It’s history is justcomico1a.JPG as interesting as the manga’s. I still have my copies of the first two mini-series’ from Comico comics, and remember then fondly. Since we never got the Bolar Wars in the LA area, the comics became the third season for me. It was really good for continuation of the series, as it was written and drawn. If you’re a fan and can find them, definitely check them out. It’s probably also what kept me on my road for collecting comics based on TV/Movie properties (not retelling of the properties, new stories).