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Ask Manga Mom: Drawing Manga Edition

Trinity writes:

How can we make a manga online?

And is there any deccent free things that teaches you how to draw at your best?

Thanks for the question Trinity!  It’s not exactly my area of expertise, but I’ll do my best.

To get your manga online, you first need to make it digital, so that means that you either drawn it and scan it in, or you draw it on the computer.  Let’s assume it’s already in files on your computer.  Now, where do you upload it?  Well, if you have your own website, you can post it there.  But if you don’t, there are plenty of places you can go to get it online.  Tokyopop.com is free, and lets its users post their own manga that is easily searched on the site.  Drunkduck.com is a webcomic community that provides free hosting as well.  Virtual Hosting also has a resource guide for starting a webcomic that includes hosting.  These are some good places to start.

A google search for manga tutorials brings up tons of sites with tutorials to improve you drawing.  Two of the top results come from good resources and are free: Manga Tutorials and Manga Universtiy.  Sites like deviantART are good places to upload your art and get feedback from fellow artists and fans.

Of course, nothing beats plain old practice.  Just make sure to draw something everyday.  It keeps you in practice and improves your skills.  And don’t be afraid of copying from your favorite manga-ka (for practice).  Many famous manga-ka started by copying  from their favorites and getting the basics down before evolving it into their own style.