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Tokyopop Drops the Ball…Again

I really shouldn’t be surprised. This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve been disappointed with Tokyopop. But this really shouldn’t have been *that* hard. What am I talking about? The touted “12 days of Manga Holiday”, they were doing on the website. They just couldn’t finish it, with just two days left to go. Did they not have this planned out? Did all the programmers go and vacation and no one told the interns what to do? Do they just don’t care? More and more I’m feeling it’s the last. Either that or they just keep trying to do *too* much and everything gets dropped.

Oh well. Merry Christmas anyway.

Edit:  Well, Tokyopop did finally manage to update their page, not that they told anyone…  The eleventh day was an mp3 of some sort.  Couldn’t find out from what.  Some imanga no doubt.  And the twevlth day was the first volume of Dramacon.