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12 Days of Manga: Day 4

“On the Fourth day of Christmas, Tokyopop gave to me…more mp3s!”

Yes, it’s another mp3 from their iManga.  This time it’s Home from Riding Shotgun.  Looks like we’re going to get a chance to get all the main songs from the iManga.  Hey, how about a chapter of a mangapod to preview?

Once again, the mp3 is available free until tomorrow (12-14-07) until 5pm PST.  Check back here or at Tokyopop.com for the next gift.

12 Days of Manga: Day 2

“On the second day of Christmas Tokyopop gave to me…imanga mp3!”

I guess it’s not all just manga. Though this is one of the things I’m liking about Tokyopop. They are trying to expand manga beyond the printed page, and use the available technology. I just wish they would stop with the Princess Ai over-promotion. Anyway, the mp3 from the Princess Ai imanga, Broken Leash is available to download at Tokyopop. (I would have preferred the song from Bizenghast, but I prefer that manga too.) Once again, it is only available until 5pm PST tomorrow (Wed, 12-12-07).

Check back here or on Tokyopop.com tomorrow after 5pm to find out what’s next!