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Stitching Manga

Link found via twitter.  Thanks aicnanime!

Manga Cross-StitchWhile reading and writing reviews of manga takes up a lot of my time right now, I do have some other interests outside of that.  I’ve always been a crafty person, and I got into cross-stitch maybe 14 years ago.  I like to stitch things that match my interests, so I have lots of fantasy patterns (dragons, unicorns, the zodiac, etc.), lots of cats, big and small, but nothing in the anime/manga range.  I didn’t think there were any stitchers that would cross the two hobbies.  Boy, was I wrong!

Manga Cross Stitch, originally named Manga in Stitches, over 100 designs and charts of original manga characters (for copyright reason, obviously).  You can make quick pieces, or stitch a whole page, complete with lettering and sound effects!  Why frame a piece of manga art when you can make your own!  Don’t be limited by pens and pencils, when you can use so many different palettes of threads and stitches to put screen tone to shame!

The book comes with a CD that has all the charts available to be printed in any size you prefer.  It is being sold in the UK through Amazon, as well as Amazon.com here in the US.  You can find it at barnesandnoble.com also.  Even if you can’t draw, you can still express the manga love!