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This Week in Manga 9/19-9/25/09

September 19 was International Talk Like A Pirate Day.  Did you remember to say “Arrrr” a lot and read some pirate manga?

Manga in the Classroom

Patrick Macias, Japanese pop culture aficionado, has posted the audio for a lecture he gave at the California State University at Monterey Bay last week.  Called Theoretical Perspectives on Manga, Anime & Otaku, it includes some older material from a speech earlier this year at the Temple University Japan Campus as well as some new material about American fandom.  I love it when this kind of material is shared, especially the academic talks.  I’ve always been fascinated by the cultural aspects of fandom and I’ll take any opportunity to feed my hunger.

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This Week in Manga: 8/8-8/14/09

It’s another slow week for news in general, though there were some cool announcements and interesting discussions.  There’s still some SDCC fallout too.  That should start petering out though as NYAF starts to loom ahead.

Video Recap of Ikki Panel at SDCC

Over at the Ikki Blog, Viz has put together a nearly 4 minute recap of the Ikki panel at SDCC.  It’s no the same as being there, but it’ll give you an idea of what went on.  A full recording of the panel would have been much cooler though.

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And We’re Off…

To the San Diego Comic Con.  It’s our annual summer vacation trip that we share with 40,000+ other fans.  Unfortunately is always feels like ALL 40,000 are in the Exhibit room at the same time…  Oh well.  Hopefully this year there will be better crowd control.  And we go for the panels just as much as the shopping.  At least Brian and I do.  The girls have DSes to keep them busy.  So Doctor Who, Stargate, and an MST3K reunion!  Whoo Hoo!  (Yes, I’ve been an MiSTie since CC’s second season.)  And of course the manga.  There’s certainly plenty of it spread around the Exhibit room.  Panels are sparcer this year than I remember last year.

Anyway, if we can get the WiFi in our hotel room working, I’ll post some thoughts Thursday and Friday night.  I know there’s going to be Wifi at the con, but I’m not lugging my laptop around in addition to all my purchases.  It’s not like there won’t be plenty of others giving you the scoops.  I’ll just do the commentary afterwards.  I can’t wait to see what Tokyopop’s “viral marketing” is going to be.  They were looking for volunteers who were going to the con…

See you soon!

News in Review

While going through some old ANN news feeds, I picked up a few news items I want to comment on:

DS Vision to go live in June: This just sort of passed right by in one of thier Daily Brief posts, but I want to give it more attention. This was first announced last November, and now it seems to be coming to fruition. Continue reading News in Review

Seven Seas + Tor = ?

It’s time to play Matchgame! Let’s meet our contestants!  Seven Seas Entertainment has teamed up with big publisher Tor books according to this press release. The company will release licensed, and original manga as well as light novels under the Seven Seas imprint beginning in March 2008.

Of course, this alliance is nothing new in the manga world. Big “respectable” publishers seems to be looking for ways to get in on the manga revolution. Tokyopop and Harper Collins made a mutually beneficial deal. Del Rey created it’s own division, as did the Hachette Book Group, which created Yen Press.  All these pubs license manga of course.  But there seems to be more going on here.  Both Del Rey and Yen Press will be publishing original manga as well. Tokyopop, of course, led the way for OEL. By teaming up with Seven Seas, which initially started as an original content only publisher, Tor can jump into this market with a ready made imprint.

Is this a new trend now? Do publishers see a future in original content manga? Del Rey announced a new series based on the popular novel series “Odd Thomas”. Yen Press has promised to premiere an anthology of original and licensed content by the next San Diego Comic Con. Tokyopop hit it big with their Warriors manga based on the young adult series by Erin Hunter, and has another hit with Vampire Kisses, also based on an YA series. Is adapting novels to manga finally catching on here?  I hope so. Despite what so many other people think, I like OEL manga, and do want to see more.  It will be interesting to see what Tor has in store.

Also, if this means Seven Seas will start getting more of their books out (I’m talking to you Jason DeAngelis. Finish Captain Nemo!) then I’m all for any alliance!