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Intro to Manga Tweeting

There’s been a lot of talk in the media lately about Twitter, especially with Ashton Kutcher reaching 1 million followers and Oprah joining and getting 220,000 in one day.  And, while it might be nice to follow celebrities like them, it might get real boring real fast.  I know when a technology has reached a saturation point when my Mother asks me about something.  She’s not very techie (she’s just started using a cellphone), and prefers running her old Mac with OS7 than a PC.  She asked me, “What is Twitter?”

The more complicated answer is to say, it’s a microblogging platform that can be used for marketing and networking.  With the addition of celebrities, it’s become a sort of voyeuristic way to watch what the rich and famous are doing, if, in fact, it’s the rich and famous doing the actual tweeting, and not some assistant.   But if this is all you do with your twitter, you will probably become one of the “Twitter Quitters”, who give up after a month.

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