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Get Over Yourself

You know, I am really getting tired of these parents “outraged” by things they find in their kids’ rooms and feel the need to blame someone else for it.  The latest is, of course, the man in Oregon who found his 12 year old son had checked out some mature rated manga from a public library.

My question about all this, as a parent myself, is this; why is he blaming the library and not his son?  In the news report, he said he went to the library to find answers and demanded that the library “enforce” the adult section.  Why didn’t he ask his son why he checked them out?  Just like he said, it plainly says on the cover “Mature 18+“.  Surely if the kid can read the manga, he can read the age rating.

This kid knew full well what he was getting, and this father is just pathetic for taking out on the library.  It is not the library’s job to police the books it checks out.  The library did exactly what it was supposed to; it put mature rated books in the adult section.  That the kid was smart enough to either ask or look for it is not the library’s responsibility.  It’s the parents.  And this “father” is being a terrible parent if he thinks that blaming the library will get him anywhere.  Going to an attorney will only make him a laughing stock.  He is perfectly in his right to keep his kid from reading the manga, but he is NOT when he tries to force a library to do it for him.  He’s got the title of Father.  He should try acting like one.

Of course, the Fox news report is just some of the worse sensationalist crap ever.  But that’s to be expected of Fox.  Now, did they actually look at the books before they claimed they contained “animated pictures of young women and girls in bondage, being raped and abused” or did they just pull up some old news stories and cut and paste?  That kind of manga comes from Icarus, not Tokyopop (sorry Simon).

This kind of idiocy and base journalism really just pisses me off!  Take some responsibility for yourself and your kids!  If my daughter brought home some YAOI books from the library at age 12, SHE would be the one facing the consequences, not the library.  Because that’s what a responsible parent does.  They teach their kids to be responsible, not to go find someone else to blame.