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Golgo 13 in To Love-Ru – Trouble -?

ANN has reported that two new anime series’ for the spring have been announced that are based on manga; Golgo 13 by Takao Saito and To Love-Ru -Trouble- by Saki Hasemi and Kentaro Yabuki.

golgo-13.jpgManly men can rejoice that one of their idols is finally getting his own series. Golgo 13 is about an amoral assassin that takes on assignments from all over the globe. This series started in the 1960’s, and is still published today. It’s 147th volume was published on December 5 in Japan. Duke Togo, code name Golgo 13, is a crack shot and a magnet for the ladies. He can pop off a target in one panel and then score with a beautiful woman in the next. Few men are more manly than Golgo 13. But for all his manliness, Golgo 13 has never had his own series. He’s only had a live action movie and 2 animated movies. Finally, he gets to come into his own. Viz Media has published 12 volumes of Golgo 13’s adventures under their Viz Signature line.

to-love-ru.jpgTo Love-Ru -Trouble- is a sci-fi romance comedy drawn by Kentaro Yabuki, best known here for his Black Cat series, also being published by Viz. It just started publication last year, shortly after the Black Cat series ended and has 5 volumes out. It is about Rito, who can’t get up the nerve to tell Haruna he loves her. So, while he’s in the bath, an alien named Lala appears before him, so begins the classic love triangle of boy, girl he loves, and alien who loves him. This series is slightly risque, so if it were to be licensed by Viz (after Black Cat is complete) it would probably be in their Shonen Jump Advanced line. With an anime coming out for it now, I wouldn’t doubt if Viz started to take a series look at licensing this manga. And being a fan of Urusei Yatsura, I would definitely take a look at this series.