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Reading (Subtitles) is Fundamental

As many parents with school age children know, getting your child to read can sometimes be a real hassle. This is especially true if your child is struggling in school. In this post-“No Child Left Behind”-world, this can mean pressure from teachers and schools to get your child to improve. I was having this problem with my youngest daughter.

Now, I’ve always believed the way to get someone interested in reading, was to give them a book about something they were interested in or enjoyed. So with my youngest, we tried finding books that she would like, and let her choose the books she wanted to read, but she still struggled with her reading, and never wanted to do it. We were at a loss of what to do, until we found a breakthrough in the form of an anime.

As well as reading manga, I enjoy watching anime based on manga. One series I got interested in was Sgt. Frog from Tokyopop. When I found some fansubs online, I downloaded them to check the anime out. So, I’m out in the living room, watching the shows, and both my daughters come out to see what I was doing. Since these are fansubs, in order to understand what was going on, you had to read the subtitles. Now this isn’t the first time I’ve watched fansubs, or other anime with subtitles. It’s how I prefer to watch my anime. But, this was the first time the girls, especially my youngest, really showed an interest sitting down and actually watching it.

They not only liked watching it, they hijacked the series from me! My youngest starting sgt-frog-dvd.jpgtaking the episodes and watching them in her room. She also started searching Youtube to find videos and more episodes. After doing this for a few weeks, I noticed her reading was starting to improve. She didn’t mind sitting down and reading. She didn’t keep asking if it had been 20 minutes yet (as dictated for homework every night). She was reading whole books (about 60 pages, early chapter books)! Nothing else had changed in that time period. The only thing I could think of that could have spurred this change, was her watching and having to read subtitles.

So, while TV is still a wasteland, it can still have it’s uses. I’m not going to say that this will work for everyone. I think it worked for us, because the girls were already used to the idea of subtitles. It wasn’t until she found something she was really liked and couldn’t see in english, that my youngest finally put an effort into improving her reading skills. But, if you have child prefers TV to books, and they enjoy anime, maybe encouraging them to check out the japanese tracks with subtitles might yield some results.

Dragon Voice Roars!

(Originally posted on Popculture Shock)

Rin Amami is a regular middle school student—regular, that is, except for his gruff, gravelly voice. Though his classmates tell him he sounds like Godzilla or a toad, Rin has a secret dream: he wants to sing. He has an idol’s looks, and can pick up any dance style after seeing it once, but his voice crushes any attempts to go after that dream. While working on a street corner selling pictures of pop stars and taking dance requests, he literally runs into The Beatmen, an up-and-coming boy band. He becomes entangled with the group when the owner of Red Shoes, The Beatmen’s agency, declares that Rin possesses the legendary “Dragon Voice,” possessing the qualities of both a demon and an angel. Boss is determined to prove that Rin that will blend with The Beatmen’s already balanced sound, and adds Rin to the group.

Dragon Voice Volumes 1-7
By Yuriko Nishiyama
Publisher: Tokyopop
Age Rating: Teen
Genre: Music
Price: $9.99
Rating: ★★★★★

So begins Rin and The Beatmen’s rocky journey to become idols in Japan’s cutthroat entertainment industry. Their career gets off to a rocky start after The Beatmen lose a bet to a rival band, preventing them from performing and forcing Boss to close the Red Shoes agency. Their fortunes improve when an action show director casts them in his dream TV show, “The Voice Rangers.” Unable to find a TV network for the show, they air it on the internet, where it becomes an instant hit. To capitalize on the show’s success, The Beatmen need to release singles, but the don’t have an agency to help them. After struggling to write their new single, the newly reopened Red Shoes tries to promote The Beatmen’s music, only to be is shut out by rival agency S-Field. Piggy-backing it with music from “Voice Rangers,” Red Shoes gets The Beatmen’s CDs into stores—where they and Privee, S-Field’s own band, get trounced by Baby Naked, an American boy band. This leads to a live, battle-of-the-bands performance starring all three bands.

Dragon Voice is NOT your typical shonen title. It isn’t about the forces of good and evil fighting for control of the universe. It’s about an ordinary young man who challenges and changes the people around him. The story begins when band mate Shino helps Rin rekindle his dream of performing by showing Rin what makes his voice special. From then on, it is Rin that challenges The Beatmen to get better and accept his voice. It’s Rin that pushes to find a way to get Voice Rangers aired. It’s Rin that makes the leader of Privee, Tohma, want to be better and compete with The Beatmen on abilities alone. Rin’s optimism and sheer strength of will inspire people, especially his fellow Beatmen.

Despite the roadblocks The Beatmen and Rin encounter, Dragon Voice is an optimistic, upbeat series. The characters are very likeable and easy to relate to. They may seem cookie-cutter at first: the likable leader Shino, the wild loner Goh, the cold and calculating Yuhgo, and the nervous, shy Toshi. But the varied personalities make for lots of good comedy and conflict. Just as The Beatmen learn to blend with Rin’s voice, they soon learn to mesh with Rin’s upfront personality. You find yourself cheering them on, especially when they stumble and there seems to be no way out. The trust between the Beatmen and Rin is built up slowly, so that by the concert battle, they believe in both themselves and Rin enough to take chances with their performance.

And what a performance it is! Nowhere else will you see three bands simultaneous battle it out in an arena! This epic concert takes up a whole volume, and is non-stop surprise after surprise as the groups keep upping the ante to capture and keep the audience’s attention: transforming a ballad into a rap, doing a dance-off with Tohma, and even hijacking Baby Naked’s signature song. It was more exciting than any battle I’ve ever read in any fighting manga—I could not put this volume down! What really made the concert thrilling was that even though Privee and The Beatmen were competing for the right to perform at the Baseball Championship Opening, Baby Naked participated for the sheer joy of performing. You could almost feel how much lead singer Seiren was enjoying herself when Rin dances and sings with her. Could a Seiren-Rin romance be in the making?

The art is excellent. Nishiyama-sensei uses a lot of thick, bold lines, like her characters.  Her style is very clean, and not cluttered, even though she uses speed lines for dancing and quick movements. The boys, being idols, are all good looking, but aren’t annoyingly bishonen about it. And each has a distinct look, so there’s no confusion about who’s who.  The backgrounds are clean, and easy to read.

So why isn’t this series more popular? I wish I knew. I don’t know what Tokyopop did to promote this series, but I do remember reading a few early reviews that described it as “Jem with boy bands.” This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Unfortunately, this comparison seems to have hurt the series’ popularity, as Jem and the Holograms seems to invite ridicule.

Notwithstanding the comparison with Jem, Dragon Voice is a series with a lot of heart and soul, offering a perfect blend of comedy and drama. Without guns, aliens, or super powers, it still packs a lot of action into every volume. This series isn’t just about showing up the rival band, and climbing the stairway to stardom. It’s about putting your all into achieving your dreams—that with hard work, self-confidence, and a dream, nothing is out of reach.

Tokyopop Drops the Ball…Again

I really shouldn’t be surprised. This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve been disappointed with Tokyopop. But this really shouldn’t have been *that* hard. What am I talking about? The touted “12 days of Manga Holiday”, they were doing on the website. They just couldn’t finish it, with just two days left to go. Did they not have this planned out? Did all the programmers go and vacation and no one told the interns what to do? Do they just don’t care? More and more I’m feeling it’s the last. Either that or they just keep trying to do *too* much and everything gets dropped.

Oh well. Merry Christmas anyway.

Edit:  Well, Tokyopop did finally manage to update their page, not that they told anyone…  The eleventh day was an mp3 of some sort.  Couldn’t find out from what.  Some imanga no doubt.  And the twevlth day was the first volume of Dramacon.

12 Days of Manga: Day 10

“On the Tenth day of Christmas, Tokyopop gave to me…more avatars!”

By popular request it seems, Tokyopop has created two more of their holiday avatars.  These two are from Dramacon and Fools Gold.  You can grab them know at the Tokyopop website along with the previous avatars.  Collect the whole set!

Once again, these will be available for the weekend.  Check back again Monday, after 5pm PST here or Tokyopop.com to see the next gift.  We’re down to the last two days.  Let’s hope Tokyopop makes them worth it.

12 Days of Manga: Day 8

“On the Eighth day of Christmas, Tokyopop gave to me…Pantheon High vol 1!”

pantheon.jpgYeah! More manga! I read the first chapter of this, and have been wanting to read the whole thing! Now I can! And you can too. But just until 5pm PST. Check it out, and then check out vol 2 which comes out in January. Something to spend your Christmas money on!

Check back here or at Tokyopop.com for the next gift.

12 Days of Manga: Day 5

“On the Fifth day of Christmas, Tokyopop gave to me, Biiiiizenghast Vol 1!”

For the whole weekend you can read Bizenghast vol 1. I’d really encourage people to checkBizenghast Vol 1 out this series. It’s very good, involving riddles that must be solved to put spirits to rest. I enjoyed it anyway.  And it also goes over the usual 3 volume model of most Tokyopop OEL!

Check back here Sunday night/Monday or go to Tokyopop.com for the next gift!

12 Days of Manga: Day 4

“On the Fourth day of Christmas, Tokyopop gave to me…more mp3s!”

Yes, it’s another mp3 from their iManga.  This time it’s Home from Riding Shotgun.  Looks like we’re going to get a chance to get all the main songs from the iManga.  Hey, how about a chapter of a mangapod to preview?

Once again, the mp3 is available free until tomorrow (12-14-07) until 5pm PST.  Check back here or at Tokyopop.com for the next gift.

12 Days of Manga: Day 3

“On the third day of Christmas, Tokyopop gave to me….Holiday Avatars?!”

Okay, this seems more like a stocking stuffer than a present. You get a choice of 5 “holiday” avatars. Undertow teddy bear with a santa hat, I Luv Halloween skull with mistletoe, Gothic Sports with dreidels, Bizenghast with mistletoe, or Princess Ai with a santa hat. They look pretty cheesy if you ask me, but hey, they’re free and do have a holiday theme to them. Go to Tokyopop.com to get them. You have until 5pm PST.

12 Days of Manga: Day 2

“On the second day of Christmas Tokyopop gave to me…imanga mp3!”

I guess it’s not all just manga. Though this is one of the things I’m liking about Tokyopop. They are trying to expand manga beyond the printed page, and use the available technology. I just wish they would stop with the Princess Ai over-promotion. Anyway, the mp3 from the Princess Ai imanga, Broken Leash is available to download at Tokyopop. (I would have preferred the song from Bizenghast, but I prefer that manga too.) Once again, it is only available until 5pm PST tomorrow (Wed, 12-12-07).

Check back here or on Tokyopop.com tomorrow after 5pm to find out what’s next!

12 Days of Manga: Day 1

Fools Gold Vol 1“On the first day of Christmas, Tokyopop gave to me…Fools Gold Vol. 1!”

For the holidays and in honors of it 10 year anniversary, Tokyopop is making available full volumes of their original manga through their manga reader. Starting today until 5PM PST, you can read the first volume of Fools Gold by Amy Reeder Haley, a previous RSoM winner. Every weekday after, a new volume will be available to read.

This is a good time to check out some of the OEL manga that Tokyopop’s been doing without risking your pocketbook. The manga reader is easy to use, and works in both IE and Firefox. And how can you say no to free manga? I know I can’t! And you never know, you might actually find yourself liking a title! So keep checking here or the Tokyopop website for updates!