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Cautionary Tale of Trust

A week or so ago, I wrote about trading manga and the website Mangatude.  While, as some have mentioned, this doesn’t actually reduce the number of manga you have.  It just switched them.  But, if they were books you wanted and would have spent money on, well, it’s a good deal.  But only if both players are playing by the same rules.

For trading to work, there has to be some trust.  When a deal is struck, you have to trust that the other person will send the book, just as they trust that you will do the same.  Of course, when you make that trade, you don’t know if the person will or not.  Mangatude has a rating system, so before you accept a trade, you can see what experience others have had, and this can help measure whether you’re will to make the deal.  But, there is a way to beat this system, though it takes time.  It’s appeared on eBay, and now it seems on Mangatude.

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