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Wish List: Garnet Cradle – Gekkou no Aria

Researching on Baka-Updates Manga can be a dangerous thing. While looking for Flex titles that CMX had licensed for another post, the title of this manga caught my eye. The garnet is my birthstone, so I had to click on the link to find out more. The description included supernatural events and mysterious black cats, uping my interest even more. The deal was sealed when I saw that it was based on a Otome game, a reverse harem game for girls. Yes, I know most of these games are silly and shallow, with the lead character just being a stand in for the reader, but it’s a guilty pleasure for me.

Garnet Cradle – Gekkou no Aria is an ongoing series, with 3 volumes out so far. It follows first year Amahashi Miku as she starts at elite Mifuta Academy. She gets chosen to join the student council and is given the title of Miftah, arabic for Key. It turns out her title is quite literal, as only she can open a special door in the Student Council room that leads to mystical kingdom filled bishies who all fight with one another for Amahashi’s heart.

It seems to be popular online, second only to the otome game Starry Sky. Does that title sound familiar? It should. DMP announced it for release in April of this year. Maybe if Starry Sky does well, there’s a chance of seeing this series come out as well, and I can mark off another Wish List item!