This Week at Manga Village ** Jan. 31, 2008

Come Visit Manga Village!

As well as keeping this blog, I’m the Editor in Chief of Manga Village, a news, reviews, commentary website. We’re squatting at Comics Village until our own site is ready.

We’ve got some great reviews and columns for you at Manga Village! This week Charles Tan gets ready for the Super Bowl with Eyeshield 21 Vol 1 from Viz. John Thomas helps with the Half Time show with some hot girls with guns with Gunsmith Cats Revised Vol 1 from Dark Horse, and I’ve brought some monsters and maids along to wreck it all with Princess Resurrection Vol 2 from Del Rey!And check the Reviews archive for more great reviews.

We’ve got a couple of columns too! Check out our Weekly Picks.

Finally, for all you aspiring mangaka…do you have a story that you know you could get published, if you had the chance? Have a manga/web comic that you’d love to get on the web, but no place to upload? Then check this link out for information on our competition, Get Published at Manga Village!

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