Kids Comic List ** 2/20/08

There’s a lot of comics for teens and adults, and there’s a lot of manga for teens and adults. But what about the kids to ‘tweens? There’s not a lot, but they are out there. Starting this week, I’m going to be listing these books, and spotlighting the ones I recommend.

Archie #582, $2.25
Archie Double Digest #186, $3.69
Veronica #187, $2.25

Simpsons Comics #139, $2.99

Cartoon Network Action Pack #22, $2.25
MAD Kids #10, $4.99
MAD Magazine #487, $4.99
Palette Of 12 Secret Colors Vol 02, $9.99 **Spotlight**
Scooby Doo #129, $2.25

Lions Tigers & Bears TP Vol 02, $14.99 **Spotlight**

Classic Illus Jr #505 Sleeping Beauty, $5.99
Classic Illus Jr #506 Three Little Pigs, $5.99
Classic Illus Jr #507 Jack & The Beanstalk, $5.99
Classic Illus Jr #510 Little Red Riding Hood, $5.99
Classics Illustrated Frankenstein, $9.99
Classics Illustrated Gullivers Travels, $9.99
Classics Illustrated Huckleberry Finn, $9.99
Classics Illustrated Tale Of Two Cities, $9.99

Marvel Adventures Avengers #21, $2.99
Marvel Adventures Two-In-One #8, $4.99

Classics Illustrated HC Vol 01 Great Expectations, $9.95
Hardy Boys GN Vol 12 Dude Ranch O Death, $7.95
Hardy Boys HC Vol 12 Dude Ranch O Death, $12.95

Garfield Large & In Charge TP Vol 45, $12.00

I have two titles to spotlight this week.

CMXPalette of 12 Secret Colors Vol 2. It is rated for Everyone, and is about a girl named Cello. She wants to be a Palette, and magic user that can take color from something (usually a partner bird they received) and apply it to other things. Cello, unfortunately, isn’t very good at it. The series follows Cello as she tries to get through school with her friend, and the school’s doctor, who is always having to clean up after Cello’s mistakes. It’s a nice series for younger children. There’s some excitement and adventure, but no fighting or battles. The art compliments the stories by being simple but entertaining.

ImageLions, Tigers & Bears TP Vol 2. This is a collection of the 4 issue comic series from Image. It’s about a boy who was given a set of stuffed animals called the Night Pride; a tiger, black panther, white tiger and lion. These stuffed animals have a secret; they can come to life at night. They protect children from the Beasties, creatures the come out of closets and under beds to eat children. This second volume picks where the first left off. The future of the Stuffed Animal kingdom has been saved, but a new danger threatens Joey, Courtney, and the very existance of the Stuffed Animal Kingdom! I really enjoyed both volumes of this series. The art looks like animation cells and it just fantastic. It was that and the big cats that drew me to the series. Young reader will enjoy it too I think, with leads 8-9 years old, fighting against the age old fear of the “monster in the closet”.

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