Here’s an FYI if you’ve been interested in some of Tokyopop’s older manga, but haven’t wanted to pay full price. This is via in their forums. is having a sale on Tokyopop manga. 75% off the titles they have available. That’s only $2.49 a piece! Kids titles can be even cheaper at $1.49! It’s mostly older titles, so don’t expect to find titles that have just come out. And there won’t always be a full run of a series, especially if it was popular. But, if there is an older series you want to look into, it’s definitely worth a look The shipping’s by media mail so it won’t be outrageous and skew the price. Feed your manga hunger without breaking our pocketbook!

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  • badtzphoto says:

    Hi, I’m coming here from mangablog. thanks for the tip on bookscloseouts :)

  • I love finding deals, and love sharing them even more! I’ll be sure to keep sharing them as I find them.

  • Anna says:

    Thanks for the tip!! I picked up a bunch of stuff that I wanted to read, but didn’t quite want to pay full price for.

  • Please bear in mind that since these are all publishers remainder stock, they’re going to show some serious shelf life damage, and may be yellowing. They’re also going to have a butt ugly big black marker mark on the rim showing they’re publishers excess stock.

    I’ve ordered a load from them ($600 worth lol) and all but a few books were C grade quality, the few good ones were B grade.

    So bear in mind, you get what your paying for, if your after collecting, don’t bother. But if you’r just after a cheap read, then it’s a good offer.

    It ends on the 31st

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