Not Too Bad

It’s time to check in on another Previews orders, and see how things went. All and all, it went all right. It’s an order of 10 volumes, four of which go to other members in the house hold.

My oldest daughter made out like a bandit, with three manga for her. The two Harper-Collins Warriors manga and Gon Volume 5 are for her, though my youngest and I will read the Gon. I’ll probably end up reading the Warriors books too. I just love cats. Hopefully she take some time out of her busy schedule or evolving and trading pokemon to read them.

My husband will be finishing off the only current manga series he’s reading with the last volume of Junk. Fortunately, Gimmick from Viz will be starting soon and he’ll hopefully like that one too. That’s another one I’m going to read. I liked the FX movies.

So that leaves the rest for me. Of the books I would have ordered, I only left three off. Fairy Tail, B’t X and Bizenghast will have to wait. At least B’t X and Bizenghast I can get at with their 4-for-3 deal after they’re old enough (a could of months at least), and I’m not going to need reading material anytime soon. I do hate getting behind on Fairy Tail though. I really enjoyed the preview I read in Otaku USA. I should read the first volume some time.

So, that leaves my seven books as Kiichi and the Magic Books from CMX, Chibi Vampire and Pick of the Litter from Viz, Black Cat, Shaman King, and La Corda d’Oro from Viz, and Spiral from Yen. I’m still spreading the love around! Though, I almost didn’t order Shaman King. But when I saw what the government would be sending me the Economic Stimulus Package, I decided I could afford to splurge on an extra $6.00.

I would normally also have included the next issue of Otaku USA in this order, but they’re going to get a full subscription from me. And I was also interested in checking out Cowa, as I just love all of Akira Toriyama’s work, but I want to keep my order down to maintenance of current series. But it’s definitely on my “someday” list.

So, not to bad, all in all. I can live with everything I had to leave off, and I’m still getting the titles I really enjoy. Next month isn’t looking to bad either.

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