This Week at Manga Village ** 4/30/08

This week, we not only try to entertain and spend your money, we’re gonna get you to get yer learn on! Our list of reviews starts off this week with some serious fallout in Nana Volume 9 from Viz by me.  Charles Tan has some video game action with King of Fighters 2003 Volume 4 from DR Masters. John Thomas has another Tezuka classic from Vertical Inc. with Dororo Volume 1. And Charles Tan also has a novel review from Viz Media with Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. Make with the clicky and find out what’s the best and worst of this week.

Over in our columns, John Thomas has a very interesting look at what it takes to be a translator in Japanese manga and novels, with A Peek into Translation Part 1?. And then we’ve got our picks for the week. You don’t want to miss what we’re looking forward to this week.

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