This Week at Manga Village ** 6/25/08

Come Visit Manga Village!

It’s time for another update from the Village Centre and see what’s up at Manga Village.  Our reviews start off with Dan Polley cleaning up his act with The Reformed from Del Rey.  John Thomas checks out a one shot from the creator of Blade of the Immortal with Ohikkoshi from Dark Horse.  Charles Tan is running back to sports with Eyeshield 21 Volume 3 from Viz.  And, I get a late night snack from Viz’s Yumekui Kenbun: Nightmare Inspector Volume 2.  Then John has a comics craving to fill and brings us a review of the graphic novel Mouse Guard: Fall 1152.

Over in our columns, we give our picks for the week from the new releases.   And just because you can’t get enough of John, check out the interview he did for the podcast Anime Today #69, and find out what makes our John tick!

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And don’t forget to check out the Good Comics for Kids blog, where you’ll not only find my All Ages Comics list for the week, but also a review of Luz, Girl of the Knowing web comic and a preview of CrumbSnatchers.

2 thoughts on “This Week at Manga Village ** 6/25/08”

  1. Thanks Lori!

    Although I am much more comfortable with the written than spoken word, the Anime Today interview was fun and I give a good plug for the model that Comics Village provides: a place for fans of both comics and manga to mingle and share ideas.

  2. You did talk a little fast, but I’m not going to bug you about it. I know I would do the same thing. You sounded fine.

    Both you and one of the interviewers gave CV a good plug. I totally agree with you that fans of comics and manga should be able to get along. I have no problem enjoying both. I’ve got a few floppies I want to do.

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