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I’ve added a new page to help parents (or anyone else interested) in finding all ages manga from all the manga publishers available.  Publishers don’t make it very obvious which of their books are for everyone.  Sometimes I had to dig two or three pages deep to find it.  So, I decided to make this page so that there’s all in one place.  Keep checking the page, as I will update it as I find more new manga. I’ll also let you know of any updates here.  So click the link above, or check the Pages in the sidebar or on top the site.

Viz will have a lot coming out in 2009, which is nice to here.  It would be nice to see publishers like Del Rey and Yen Press, get some more books out.  Broccoli Books and Netcomics surprised me with their selection.  Netcomics even has some BL they rate as for all ages.  I don’t know if I want to start the kids on that…  Go Comi was another surprise, as they had no All Ages books at all.

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  1. I think Netcomics made a mistake with the “all ages” rating for the two Boy’s Love. I was surprised too by this age rating, so I took a look at the first chapter of these series, and I can say, that it’s not for children. There is sexual content and Prisoner of the Immortal seems to involve some bondage…

  2. This is a terrific resource!

    As you have time, you might want to add comments about the content and appropriate age level of the series you list here. Several of the CMX titles are very cute, for example, but are too sophisticated for really young readers, while several of the NETCOMICS titles have implied sexual situations and violence that are not appropriate for the under-13 crowd.

  3. I’ve had such thoughts, but two things prevent me from doing that. Time and money. I don’t have the time or money to buy and read all the titles, and I really wouldn’t want to say such things unless I’d read the book myself. I mean, I can do that for books I already own, but that’s mostly just Viz.

    I was considering putting in links to reviews, so people could get a better idea than just the publisher’s blurb.

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