Deep Discount TP sale

I just got this in my email today.  I’ve been buying stuff from ever since they were  But they’ve expanded, starting last year to include books, cds, games and even cell phones!  But it’s mostly dvds I buy, with the occasional manga when the price is right.

Starting today, until 8/17/08 (Sunday, 11:59PM CST), they are having a 5-for-4 sale on select (very select) Tokyopop titles.  Deep Discount already slashes their prices by 20% (on average), but there selection can be hit and miss.  This sale is no different.  You can get volumes 1-3 of Cherry Juice, but only volumes 1 and 5 of Bizenghast.  There are only 41 titles on the list, (including quite a few Fruits Basket) but a lot of volume 1s.  So, if you want to check out a series or two, this is a good way to pick up some samples cheap.

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