This Week at Manga Village ** 11/7/08

We’ve had some changes come up at Manga Village.  Last week we had to say good-bye one of our launch reviewers, as she left to pursue other projects.  We wish her well, but that leaves us with a gap to be filled in our reviewer line up.  We’d also like to get some regular columns going, so if you have an interest in writing, and a strong grasp of the English language, email me at mangavillage at gmail dot com with the title Reviewer/Columnist Wanted and a sample of your work.  Or you can email me here.

On to the reviews!  We started the week off with a sweet treat from Dan Polley with Kitchen Princess Volume 8 from Del Rey.  Charles Tan then reviews the Korean manhwa Old Boy Volume 1 from Dark Horse.  Katherin Farmar continues her review of Voice or Noise with Volume 2 from BLU.  John Thomas grabs his cape and utility belt to bring you Bat-Manga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan from Pantheon.  Lissa Patillo graces our review column one more time with another guest review of Future Lovers Volume 1 from Deux Press.  Thanks Lissa!

We make our new picks for the week in our Picks ‘n Mix column.  And in our ad for Reviewers and Columnists, I’m also looking for help with handling BL title review copies.  Check the ad for all the details.  And then, over at Good Comics for Kids blog, I’ve got my latest All Ages New Releases List.

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