Mythbusters is a totally awesome show on Discovery Channel.  Two guys and their three assistants take on myths from real life, the movies, and the internet and try to if they can confirm, bust or find plausible the myths they take on.  The show has been running for 6 seasons now, and is not only entertaining, but Grant, Tori and Kari - mangaized!educational, as it takes on things like physics, robotics and other science content to prove the myths.

Last week, on the episode Coffin Punch, the assistants, Tori, Grant, and Kari took on a scene from Kill Bill, where the Bride punches her way out of a coffin she’s been buried in.  Now, on Mythbusters, they like to use animation to illustrate the myth they will be trying to prove, often using the team members in appropriate parts.  For this episode, the animation had a distinctly manga look to it.  The whole Kill Bill scene is reenacted in comic book style, with the camera panning from panel to panel.

Kari Manga-ized!The art is very cute, in that wants-to-look-like-manga sort of way.  Kari’s constant clueless look is classic for so many shojo heroines that it’s impossible to count.  And of course there’s the use  speed lines everywhere.  I thought it was really cool that they used this style.  It was a fun scene.

The team had to test if it was first possible to break through the lid of a pine coffin, and then dig out of a six feet of dirt, all without suffocating.  It was totally busted, of course.

Mythbusters has been doing quite a few myths with an Asian feel to them.  They have done two full shows dedicated to ninja myths as well as this psuedo-kung fu movie.  They have been very popular with the fans.  So hopefully they will do more of these manga-esque scenes.

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