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Found via AiCN.

Gia of Anime Vice has put together a collection of fanart pictures of the Doctor, manga style.  Most of the pictures are cute, and I really like the strip art on the far right with the companions.  Very funny.  The art features the current 10th Doctor played by David Tennant.  He’s young, cute and very action oriented.  He’d be the perfect subject for a manga adaptation.  Especially as a bishonen, as this rendering shows (credit needed).

Now would be the perfect time for the BBC to captialize on this and allow an OEL manga of the Doctor to be made.  The announcement of the eleventh doctor, Matt Smith, has led to a lot of speculation, with the one that makes the most sense to me is that he will be going goth.  Yes, we’ve had Victorian with the 1st and 8th Doctors, but speculation I’ve heard and seeing what he’s done in the past makes him perfect for the goth style.  And it’s what’s popular with the teenage girls, a demographic Doctor Who hasn’t quite captured yet.  Russell T. Davies has already given the Doctor lots of angst in his 4 year run.  This just seems to be the next natural step.

Doctor Knight anyone?

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    1. no he should not, david tannent never had a bowtie as the doctor only when he had to play a servant in alternate london. so the picture is acurate as it should be

      1. It’s not about accuracy. It’s about preference. I do like Matt Smith’s Doctor more than David Tennant’s. So if there were a manga, I would prefer it be with the 11th. Though I still can’t deny how pretty Tennant is, especially in this picture. 🙂

  1. Who is the guy in the bottom left corner? I can make out all the others as Jack, Rose, Martha and Donna. Is it the 9th Doctor?

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