While looking around for links to add to my e-reading section, I stumbled upon these posts about putting manga on the Sony E-Reader.  They feature the PR-500, but the current, less expensive version, the PR-505, is essentially the same.  These include an extensive comparison of color comics, scanalated manga, and Tokyopop manga available through Sony’s store.  There are also links to a conversion guide to convert scans to a format optimal for reading, and Manga2Ebook, and RasterFarian, programs used in the conversion guide.

Here are some videos as well, showing manga on the E-Reader:

You won’t have to turn your head sideways for this one:

4 thoughts on “Manga2SonyE-Reader”

  1. WOW, that is exactly the way I want to see my scanlations, full page, no adjustments, unless I WANT TO DO SO. Thank you for posting these. The Sony E-reader is now on my list……now to see if I can find out about other readers, like the Kindle concerning manga scanlations. As I think about, I really can see the demise of paper as we know it for books and manga….*cries……but the thought of carrying my entire manga library or even my regular library in my pocketbook is dreamy.

    1. Yeah, I thought it was cool when I saw guide. That’s why I did a quick blog about it.

      I don’t know about book disappearing just quite yet. I’m seeing more a digital copy/DVD thing going on. You just download the movie you want to watch, but buy the movies you want to watch over and over. Same with books, you get the ebooks of the books you just want to read, but buy the paper copies of the books you want to read over and over.

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