Where'd that Paycheck Go?

I was pleasantly surprised when I got this month’s Previews catalog.  There are actually books (not just manga) that look interesting enough to get this month!  OMG!

Marvel, the company that we had just finished dropping ALL our titles for (mainly because they killed the Ultimate Universe) has two titles we’re going to check out this month.

For mostly nostalgic reasons, I’m going to get Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers.  It’s an all ages mini series that features animals from the Marvel Universe (Lockjaw, Lockheed the dragon, etc.) and the introduction of Frog Thor!  How could I pass this one up?  My husband will get The New Mutants, and see how they handle bring them back.  It was a favorite title of his back in the day.

Now, I can’t blame Michael Wm. Kaluta for wanting to draw the character he created, Madame Xanadu, but what about Amy Reeder Haley?  Will she be back after the 5 issue story arc with Kaluta?  I hope so!  I like Matt Wagner’s writing, but Haley’s art really brings it to life.  I dont’ want anyone else doing it!

It’s Manga Month in Previews, so everyone’s bringing out their best just in time for tax returns to start showing up.  I’m almost tempted by Ballad of a Shinigami from CMX, mostly because of the cat with bat wings.  CMX also end three titles this month; Moon Child, The Flat Earth/Exchange and Kiichi and the Magic Books all bring out their final volumes.

Boom! Studios is making some noise with a new Mark Waid title.  The Unknown is a mystery mini series in the vein of Ruse (if you remember that title from Crossgen).  The greatest detective ever still has one mystery yet to solve.  Another title that caught my eye is Unthinkable.  A writer works with a government think tank to come up with nightmare scenarios.  After the think tank is shut down, their scenarios start to come to life.  It’s another short one with promise.

I’ll be getting a new Del Rey manga, Yokai Doctor, mostly because I can’t resist anything about Yokai or folklore.  The next Vampire Hunter D from DMP is also very tempting.

Publishers really seem to be jumping on the OEL bandwagon (after Tokyopop paved the way and paid for it).  Writer Sherrilyn Kenyon is bring her novel series The Dark Hunters to graphic novel form.  It’s being released by Griffin BooksHarper Collins/Tokyopop also has another NY Time’s best seller coming to manga:  Wicked Lovely.

I’m absolutely thrilled that IDW is continuing the Doctor Who Classics into the 5th Doctor stories (my absolute favorite!).  And there’s another oneshot with the 10th Doctor that ties in with Torchwood.  I hope this means we have a shot at getting the Torchwood comic here too!

It’s so sad to go through the “S”es and not see Seven Seas.

Tokyopop just flys by now, with nothing I’m reading coming out this month.  Udon has it’s kids line featured prominently.  And then there’s Viz.  They still suck up the majority of my money.

Children of the Sea looks interesting, but other titles must get their maintenance before I jump into new ones.  Dragon Drive ends this month, as does RalΩGradSaint Seiya is getting ever closer to the end.  At least the manga will finish (unlike the anime).  Muhyo & Roji’s BSI has it’s 11th volume this month.  I really need to get volume 6 so I can read the rest.  The second Fushigi Yugi VIZBIG is on the list.  I’d rather pay $13 than $18.  Rasetsu is one of the few exceptions to my “No New Titles” rule.  I’ve been waiting for this title since it was announced.  There’s another new Wild Ones to wrap up by Shojo list.  I get Gimmick for the hubby, and the kids get three titles; Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, and the new edition of Pokemon Adventures (Finally!).

I’m still waiting for the korean manhwa from Yen Plus to come out (Really bummed that I had to skip Pig Bride last month).  But The History of the West Wing really sounds interesting.  The cover looks nice too.  If the art inside is just as good, then it’s really got potential.

Well, that’s where my money’s going for this month.  There’re more I’d love to get, but this is my line in the sand.  I have to draw it somewhere, and I’m actually cheating this month, but I’ve been good for most of the year.  This is my reward.

2 thoughts on “Where'd that Paycheck Go?”

  1. The only reason I’m trying New Mutants is because I want SOMETHING to read and Marvel has done away with the majority of my former purchases. I have little doubt that it’ll suck, the way that Excalibur did when they re-launched it, but at least I can say I tried.

    Unfortunately, there just isn’t much manga that I want to read coming out. Gimmick is good, but beyond that, there’s nothing in the manga wasteland. Since I can’t stand fantasy and they’re putting out virtually no good science fiction… my purchases have gone from decent to virtually non-existent over the months and it looks like that trend will continue.

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